In March of 2016, we teased a possible facelift to our Basic New Tab Page Platform. As it turns out, we weren’t just blowing smoke! Our new platform offers a user-friendly layout, slick new search box, and a ton of customize-able options. How neat is that?


Customize-able User Options












One of the many upgrades to our platform is the user experience. Users now have access to more features including the ability to toggle on/off logos, weather, and their clock.

We realize not every fan is the same. Some fans want as many features as possible while others want a cleaner experience. With these customized options, you’re able to cater to every fan!

Some features include:
-Weather app
-To-do list


Moveable Widgets







If you squint just right, you can see in the two screenshots above that there is an obvious difference between them. One includes a Twitter widget while the other does not… ABRACADABRA! Users now have the ability to drag widgets around and make them appear/disappear. Not only can your fans feel like magicians, they now have the satisfaction of reorganizing their new tab page to their liking!


Rotating Galleries and Image Favorites












There always comes a time when you look at your phone or desktop wallpaper and think “This stinkin’ image needs to go.”. A New Tab Page is no different. An easy way to keep fans engaged is by offering up a variety of images. The new platform solves for this! Fans can now see a different background image every time they open a new tab through a rotating gallery. This keeps it fresh for your audience and improves retention. But that’s not all! Your fans can favorite images and select which pics they’d like to see the most.


While we’re excited to give you a walk through of the new design, we feel you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Check out the new platform in all its glory here (


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