2016 has been an incredible year, as the growth in adoption for new tab extensions has grown exponentially.  Users are now looking for new tab extensions, and you need to be visible.  Use the checklist below to make sure you are in prepared for the continued surge.
Clear Discoverability.  Is it easy to find on your website?  We suggest having run of house ads, presence in navigation, or permanent visibility on your home page.  Use the term “New Tab Experience” for recognition and awareness.  Example; “Eagle’s New Tab Experience”.
Direct users to the preview page.  If you aren’t sure of your preview page, reach out and let us know.  All those things mentioned above should point to this page. This is the best way to increase adoption and show off your page. Here’s an example; home.brandthunder.com/nfljaguars/?extension.  This single page has the intelligence to know what browser the individual is using, and makes installing easy.
Promotion.  Although many of your fans might be out looking for new tab extensions, being pro-active is always beneficial.  Don’t be afraid to promote it on social media, ads on your site, email blasts, etc.  Giveaways and other incentives are also a great way to boost users (and obtain user information!) with little effort.  We have a media packages available to you to help, let us know and we can put something together.

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