If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to go a single moment without listening to music, talking about it and hunting for new music artists to listen to, then you’re definitely a true music fan. And these days, technology is making it even easier to play and discover music no matter where you are — a true music lover’s dream!

In addition to Brand Thunder’s musical artist Chrome themes and extensions, the Chrome Web Store offers a plethora of music and music player Chrome extensions that give you personalized options for your Chrome browser that make listening to music and discovering new musical talent easier than ever.  ‘Cause what fun is surfing the web if you don’t have your own unique soundtrack to go along with the experience?

Below, you will find our picks of top music Chrome extensions for real music lovers that will make your Chrome browser a true musical hub. And bonus: They’re all free!

 Brand Thunder Musical Artist Chrome Extensions & Themes

Brand Thunder musical artist Chrome extensions and themes are created by true music fans like you. Not only are these Chrome extensions and themes beautiful, but they’re fully-interactive, giving you — the real music fan — the best browsing experience. Each of the themes offer quick access to your favorite artist’s exclusive news, videos and other great content. Plus, social sharing features give you an easy way to interact with other real fans. Show your love for your favorite pop artists by outfitting your Chrome browser with these stunning extensions and themes.

You can also easily alternate between different music Chrome extensions and themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension. And, as always, if you don’t see your favorite below, browse our gallery of free themes!

Bob Marley Chrome Extension and Theme

Bob Marley Chrome Theme

The official Bob Marley Chrome extension and theme has a music player so you can play reggae music right inside your browser!

Rihanna Chrome Extension and Theme

Rihanna Chrome Theme Brand Thunder

Miley Cyrus Chrome Extension and Theme

Miley Cyrus Chrome Theme and Extension by Brand Thunder


Katy Perry Chrome Extension and Theme

Katy Perry Chrome Theme

Taylor Swift Chrome Extension and Theme

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme


Best Music Chrome Extensions for Real Music Lovers

Instant Music Chrome Extension

Instant Music Chrome Extension

Listen to the latest popular music right inside your Chrome browser with just one click! Instant Music allows you to pick your favorite musical genre, select the songs you’d like to listen to and then play — right away! It’s like a jukebox for your browser — but keep those dollar bills in your pocket ’cause this extension is free to download and use to your music-loving heart’s content.

Last.fm Free Music Player Chrome Extension

Last.fm Free Music Player Chrome Extension

If you love Last.fm, then you’re going to love the Last.fm Free Music Player for Chrome. Make your browser into a music player and play free music with Last.fm’s user-friendly music discovery integration offering personalized recommendations based on your favorite music. Discover more music now!

Streamus Chrome Extension

Streamus Chrome Extension

Enjoy a seamless, tab-free music experience, share your playlists with friends and discover new music with Streamus — the simple, music streaming music Chrome extension that turns YouTube into the music player you’ve been dreaming of. Get Streamus now and see how refreshingly easy it is to stream tunes right inside your browser.

Music Plus for Google Play Music Chrome Extension

Music Plus for Google Play Chrome Extension

This awesome music Chrome extension is for the Google Play Music fan who wants more out of their experience. The Music Plus for Google Play Chrome extension offers control over its mini-player from anywhere, adds controls, notifications and Last.fm support, plus you can fetch lyrics for the currently playing track! Note: You need to have a Google Play Music account to use this extension.

Lyrics Here by Rob W Chrome Extension

Lyrics Here Chrome Extension

For the real music fan who wants an easy way to find lyrics to their favorite songs, Lyrics Here by Rob W is the perfect music Chrome extension. This extension adds a screen with lyics to YouTube videos, Grooveshark, Spotify Web Player, Jango, AccuRadio, Deeze, 8tracks, Rdio, Xbox Music, Google Music, iHeart, Superplayer.fm, Last.fm and more. Resize the screen, toggle it and move it to wherever you wish! Readable lyrics are immediately shown in this screen with a link to the source and options to look up the lyrics from other online sources. You can also look up any song you want by using the search box feature. Download this extension and never forget lyrics again!

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