If you’ve been searching for the best Google Chrome themes galleries, today is your lucky day! We scoured the web for you to find the top Google Chrome themes galleries that offer a variety of stunning Chrome themes from sports to movies, music, anime and more. Plus, each gallery offers free themes for your downloading pleasure.

Read on to find out more about the top three Chrome themes galleries, their features and how to instantly download your favorite Chrome theme.

Best Google Chrome Themes Galleries

1.) Brand Thunder Browser Theme Gallery

Brand Thunder Browser Theme Gallery

The Brand Thunder Browser Theme Gallery is filled with free, fully-interactive Chrome themes that make your Google Chrome browser take on an entirely new look with sidebars, toolbars, content, social media connection features and stunning new tab pages. You can browse the entire gallery or select only the Chrome theme type that interests you from the left-side navigation.

You can even search the gallery for a specific theme using the gallery’s search bar. Once you select the Chrome theme you want, just click the “Download” button to install.

Brand Thunder Browser Theme Gallery Red Sox


There are a lot of official brand, team and celebrity themes to choose from, making it the go-to Chrome theme gallery for true fans of sports, music and more. Check out Brand Thunder’s Top 10 Google Chrome Themes for 2015 for some new Chrome theme inspiration!

2.) Chrome Web Store Theme Gallery

Google Chrome Web Store Chrome Theme Gallery


Change the look and feel of your Chrome browser with a plethora of browser themes to pick from in the Chrome Web Store. Themes in the store are rated by users so you can filter through them to find the best of the best Chrome theme for you! You can search the Chrome Web Store for Chrome themes by selecting “Themes” on the left-side navigation bar. From there, you can browse through thousands of Chrome theme types, utilize the search bar to find a specific theme and even filter your search by free themes, paid themes and more.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme Chrome Web Store

Once you decide on your Chrome theme of choice, click on the theme to view a detailed description to decide whether or not you’d like to install it. If you like it, simply click “Add to Chrome.” From there, you’ll be prompted to install with just one click.

3.) ThemeBeta Chrome Theme Gallery

ThemeBeta Chrome Theme Gallery

ThemeBeta is a great Chrome theme gallery where Chrome theme designers can design and share their Chrome theme creations for other users to download for free. You can use the ThemeBeta search bar to find a specific theme type, or you can browse by “Popular Themes,” “Cool Themes,” “New Themes” and more. With everything from anime, to sports, animals and art, you’re sure to find something you like in the ThemeBeta Chrome Theme Gallery.

ThemeBeta Chrome Theme

Once you click on the theme you’d like to install, you can see user ratings and comments. If you decide it’s the theme for you, just click “Apply Theme” to instantly dress up your Chrome browser.

More Chrome Themes Galleries

And if you haven’t found a Chrome theme you like by now (which is hard to believe), we’ve listed even more Chrome Theme galleries that contain even more themes to spice up your browsers. We know how you Chrome themers are, always changing themes. :)

Have you stumbled upon any great Chrome themes galleries lately? Let us know in the comments!


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