If you’re a true fan of Angry Birds, then you’re going to love this collection of Angry Birds Chrome themes! This extremely popular video game franchise has been a hit with all ages since its first release for the Apple iOS in 2009. And as a real fan of the Angry Birds, you know that this successful game has blossomed into the video game console variety, PC game-play and even a television show. With over two billion downloads across mobile devices, PCs and gaming consoles, anyone and everyone seems to have tried and loved this fun (and addictive!) video game.

Due to the game’s long-standing popularity, we decided it was time to give a real tribute to the Angry Birds franchise: a collection of the top 10 best Angry Birds chrome themes from all over the web for real fans like you. From the dark, the funny to the colorful, there is something here for every Angry Birds fan to download — for free!

10 Awesome Angry Birds Chrome Themes

1.) Angry Birds Chrome Theme with New Tab Experience

Angry Birds Chrome Theme and Extension

If you’re a real fan of the Angry Birds, this Chrome theme is a must for you! Designed by talented Brand Thunder artist, MaDonna, this Angry Birds Chrome theme and extension not only includes colorful imagery of your favorite video game, but the New Tab Page experience with an awesome Angry Birds design, content and search capabilities. Plus, the social connections allow you to interact with other Angry Birds fans all over social media, instantly. This great theme is available in the Brand Thunder theme galleryTip: Easily alternate between this Angry Birds Chrome theme and your other favorite themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension

2.) Angry Black Bird Chrome Theme

Black Angry Birds Chrome Theme

This Angry Birds Chrome theme is for the fan who loves the Black Angry Bird. In this theme, he has his eye on those piggies and nothing will stop him from sheer desctruction! Download this theme.

 3.) Angry Birds and Scared Piggies Theme

Angry Birds and Scared Piggies Chrome Theme

For the fan who loves those funny, green pigs, this Angry Birds Chrome theme is for you. Will the scared piggies get away from the Angry Birds this time? Probably not, but this Chrome theme captures the pursuit perfectly. Download this theme.

4.) Angry Birds Happy Bird Theme

Happy Angry Birds Chrome Theme

If you’d rather see something joyful and not angry while surfing the web, but still want Angry Birds as your Chrome theme, this happy bird will do the trick! Download this theme.

5.) Real Angry Birds Rule Chrome Theme

Angry Birds Rule Chrome Theme

These birds are the real deal, and they sure are terrifyingly angry! Download this Angry Birds Rule Chrome theme for a more realistic take on the game’s characters. Download this theme.

6.) Angry Bird and Pig Theme

Angry Bird and Pig Chrome Theme

This colorful and fun Angry Birds Chrome theme showcases the scared pigs and Angry Birds up close. Download this theme.

7.) Angry Birds War Chrome Theme

Angry Birds War Chrome Theme

An Angry Birds Chrome theme for the fan who wants all the game-play action captured inside their Chrome browser while they surf the web. Download this theme.

8.) Angry Birds Avengers Theme

Angry Birds Avengers Chrome Theme

This top Angry Birds Chrome theme is for the fan who loves The Avengers and Angry Birds, equally. It features Angry Birds dressed as the comic book heroes — and it’s awesome! Download this theme.

9.) Angry Birds Space Chrome Theme

Angry Birds Space Chrome Theme

A cool Angry Birds Chrome theme for the fan who can’t get enough of the Angry Birds Space game. Download this theme.

10.) Angry Birds Happy Pig Theme

Angry Birds Happy Pig Chrome Theme

It isn’t often you see one of the green pigs with joy written all over their faces. But this happy pig Angry Birds Chrome theme will perk your browser right up! Download this theme.


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