Here at Brand Thunder, we are always exploring new, innovative ways in which to make browsing the web more exciting and interactive. And our new MyWeb for Chrome browser extension not only offers a completely immersive browsing experience with your favorite brands, teams, schools, musical artists, but also streamlines the Chrome theme installation process so you can change your Chrome theme all day every day in just a few clicks.

Introducing MyWeb for Chrome

MyWeb Chrome Extension by Brand Thunder

MyWeb for Chrome offers the same functionality of our mobile browser theme app that our users already know and love, but now in a simple-to-install Chrome extension. MyWeb for Chrome is the easiest way to change the stunning Chrome theme imagery and interactive content only Brand Thunder themes and our “New Tab Page” provide right inside your browser. The extension offers a huge list of official, licensed themes from your favorite sports teams, celebrities, musicians and more.

Once you install the MyWeb for Chrome extension, just a simple click will allow you to quickly change your Chrome theme as much as you want so you’ll never get bored surfing the web. Plus, as with every Brand Thunder theme, you’ll get news alerts, interactive polls and exclusive content for real fans.

See how easy it is to add the extension and then switch up your Chrome theme with the three simple steps below.

 How to Install and Use MyWeb for Chrome

MyWeb for Chrome Add to Chrome

First, head to the Chrome Web Store and search for or click on the MyWeb New Tab extension. From there, you’ll be prompted to install the MyWeb for Chrome extension. Simply click the “Add to Chrome” button found in the top right corner of the screen. Confirm from the pop-up that you would like to install and then click “Add.”

MyWeb for Chrome Gallery


Once installed, you’ll be prompted to browse Brand Thunder’s gallery of themes. You can do so by “Expressions,” “College,” “Holidays,” “Football,” “Music,” “Hockey” and “Basketball.”

MyWeb Chrome Extension Icon

Or, you can find a new Chrome theme by clicking on the Brand Thunder icon found with your other Chrome extensions in the upper right corner of your browser. Once you find a theme, click to install.

MyWeb Chrome Theme Install

And just like that your new Brand Thunder Chrome theme is automatically installed in an instant!

So, which Chrome theme will you choose? Add the MyWeb for Chrome extension today and see just what the full Brand Thunder Chrome theme experience is all about.


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