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At BrandThunder, we work with a number of major brands, schools and teams to deliver an immersive branding and engagement experience through the development of our custom branded “interactive” browser themes. Sure, your company can spend thousands of dollars on social media and paid advertising and fans “may” see your message. But what if your biggest evangelists wore your brand on their browsers ALL DAY, 5+ hours a day? And not only that, you could push your marketing messages to them throughout the day. Well, these major brands have been doing that for several years now and we have a number of success stories showcasing some impressive engagement numbers that would make Marketing Directors drool.

We want to talk a little bit about one aspect of our branded browser themes, the “New Tab Page“. The new tab page is the screen you see when you open a new tab on your browser. And knowing you (and most people), you open a new tab too many times a day. What if your marketing messages or social promotions could be there for users to see? Well it can…

Iowa State Cyclones Browser Theme
Iowa State Cyclones New Tab Page

New Tab Page Best Practices

It’s no secret that our new tab pages receive a high level of page views and engagement (over 100 views per user, per month). To take advantage of this valuable inventory, you can leverage this platform as a “micro-site”, exposing your must see content to your audience.

Iowa State is one of several brands that is capitalizing on this concept using social media widgets. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For 2015, we have also unlocked i-frame capabilities, delivering you measurable traffic on your domain all while providing current and relevant content. Did we mention this is SELL-ABLE $inventory$ that will make even the biggest sponsors salivate?!? Yeah, we are excited too!

Mobile New Tab Opportunities

Cleveland Browns Mobile App & Theme
Cleveland Browns Mobile Browser & Theme

The opportunities are not just on desktops, as mobile is becoming the dominant way for people to browse your content. With Brand Thunder’s technology, new tab pages are now responsive allowing our themes to be mobile-friendly. Now fans can proudly rep your brand on any device. When fans aren’t connected to you on your mobile app, they are now captured when they browse the web! Did we mention push notifications? Guide fans to your most important content by sending them in-browser messages. They won’t be able to escape your branded clutches.

Go here to install our mobile browser and find your brand. Android coming soon!

If you’re ready to take your brand engagement to a new level and see real results on your media spends, contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of this capability.


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