If your brand isn’t new to using Facebook as a marketing tool, then you’re definitely not new to how the social networking giant has changed its guidelines and algorithms for both brand and personal Pages over the years. And since the introduction of the company’s latest algorithm change last year, you’ve probably noticed a sharp decrease of engagement rates, and very minimal reach with fans who “Like” your Page.

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Facebook Newsfeed Edgerank Algorithm
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Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature that can help brand Pages who want a lucrative relationship with their fans. The feature is called “See First”. It works by allowing Facebook users to go to their “Liked” Pages and friend profiles, add them to their “See First” lists and actually see all posts from their favorite brands and people. By adding these Pages to their “See First” lists, users are guaranteed to see these posts at the top of their News Feeds each time they log in to Facebook. Also, consider to buy facebook fanpage likes for higher engagement.

See First On Facebook Mobile
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How to Use Facebook’s New “See First” Feature

How to Use Facebook's New See First Feature

If you aren’t willing to pay Facebook for promoted posts or ads and wish to reach your audience organically, you’ll only reach 7 to 10 percent of your Facebook fans due to the new algorithm. The “See First” feature can help you reach fans organically, but it’s important to know how to use the feature in a way that will benefit your brand the best.

Here’s how: 

1. Monitor your Facebook Page metrics.

See how many users you reach during certain time periods. The more metrics you gather, the more educated you’ll be when it comes to making a decision on when to post about the new “See First” feature.

2. Share a periodic Facebook post about “See First”.

You should post these during the highest engagement times according to your Facebook Page analytics.


Attention Facebook Users! You might be missing important news/updates from the [Broncos]! Do this now, so you don’t miss another post!

1. Click the “Liked” button in our Cover Photo and select “See First” in the dropdown. Without this selected, you may not see our posts in your feed, so act now!

2. Be sure to share this post with other [Broncos] fans so they don’t miss out!

3. Always include a screenshot in the post.

Just like in the Denver Broncos post above, use a screenshot that is specific to your own Facebook Page so the instructions are simple for fans to understand. If you need aesthetic photography in order to reflect your brand and entice your audience, you can always employ professionals like the Boston photographer.

Learn more about the “See First” feature over on TechCrunch: Likes Aren’t Enough. Now Facebook Pages Need You to Add Them to “See First”


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