Here at Brand Thunder, we work with a number of sports teams, schools and brands to deliver immersive, engaging digital fan experiences that utilize our interactive browser themes and extensions. In fact, our fully-customizable “New Tab Page” can quickly and consistently drive high levels of page views and engagement (over 100 views per user, per month).

Most recently, the Denver Broncos have realized a huge success in fan engagement in just the first month of offering their New Tab Page experience; allowing important marketing messages, social promotions, and team merchandise like jerseys and branded bottled water to display directly in front of their fans each time they open a new browser tab.

The Denver Broncos New Tab Page

Denver Broncos Chrome Extension Official

As a helpful addition to their NFL-approved Chrome extension above, the Denver Broncos decided to offer a truly immersive fan experience with their New Tab Page that utilizes Brand Thunder’s Premier Platform. So now when users open their browsers, not only do they see a beautifully-designed Broncos browser theme, but the latest videos, breaking news, content and social connections to share and engage with other fans are displayed loud and clear for easy clicking.

Denver Broncos New Tab Page

It’s no secret to marketing pros that broadcasting your message to brand advocates and fans consistently will help drive engagement online. And with this lightweight Chrome extension, the Broncos were able to get the word out to those who matter most: the true fans who downloaded the Broncos theme. The New Tab Page allowed the Broncos to take over their fans’ home pages, start pages and New Tab Pages across digital devices; from desktop computers, to tablets to smartphones.

How a New Tab Page Increased Fan Engagement

Broncos Get 15 Percent Engagement on New Tab Page

During the first month of using Brand Thunder’s Premier Platform, the Broncos exceeded fan engagement expectations. Each time a user opened a New Tab in their browser, they would land on a page hosted by the Denver Broncos. This, in turn, increased page views and fan engagement. On average, users opened a New Tab a total of 200 times during the first month, and 15% of that time, fans engaged with the Broncos’ content, taking them deeper into the Broncos website. Users also saw the New Tab Page an average of 7 times each day.

From No Presence to Complete Control

By utilizing Brand Thunder’s services and New Tab Page experience, the Denver Broncos went from no presence on their biggest fans’  browsers, to a completely controlled, interactive experience that fans can now install, use and love whether they’re at home, or on-the-go.

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