Over the last few years, Google Chrome extensions have helped make browsing the web easier and more interactive than ever before. The extensions also offer a more productive online experience, especially when it comes to helping web developers get their work done more efficiently.

There are many Chrome extensions out there for web developers — with the collection in the Chrome Web Store growing every day — but we’ve chosen to feature some of the very best. Check out our list of free web developer Chrome extensions below and get to downloading!

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

1. Check My Links

Check My Links Chrome Extension

As every developer knows, once you’ve finished building a website, you must check that all the links are in working order. Of course, you probably already started checking links from the very start, but there is always room for human error. The Check My Links Chrome extension will check every link on every web page for you. You’ll see broken links in red and the working ones in green. A must-have extension for developers!

2. MeasureIt

Measure It Chrome Extension

Using MeasureIt, you can draw a ruler across any element of a web page to double check pixel width, height and alignment. A helpful tool to keep your websites looking clean — you might even recognize it due to the popularity of its Firefox version.

3. Search Stack Overflow

Search Stack Overflow Chrome Extension for Developers

Every web developer knows about Stack Overflow — a thriving spot on the web for developers to raise and fix development issues. The Search Stack Overflow Chrome extension will add a search box into your Chrome browser to quickly and easily search Stack Overflow resources. Give it a try!

4. Responsive Inspector

Responsive Inspector Chrome Extension for Developers

If you’re into responsive web design, then the Responsive Inspector Chrome extension is for you. This extension allows you to view media queries of visited websites and shows you in a visual manner what resolutions are defined in CSS stylesheets. A great, simple extension for responsive layout developers.

5. Code Cola

Code Cola Chrome Extension for Developers

The Code Cola Chrome extension is a CSS coder’s dream. This extension allows you to view source code, edit CSS in real-time and see changes instantly. There is a good reason why Code Cola has a 4.5-star rating and tens of thousands of users. Check it out!

6. PHP Console

PHP Console Chrome Extension

The PHP Console Chrome extension displays PHP errors and vars dumps inside your Chrome browser and in notification popups. You can also execute PHP code remotely with this great developer extension. In addition to these great features, the PHP Console has a server side PHP library.

7. User-Agent Switcher 

User-Agent Switcher Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension for developers is one of the greatest tools we’ve seen. See how a website looks using different electronic devices like an iPhone, iPad or Android phone. If one of your sites has been hacked, User-Agent Switcher is useful as you can view pages how search engines them.  A simple yet powerful Chrome extension for web developers.

8. Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome Extension

And last but not least, every web developer should download the Web Developer Chrome extension — it was made especially for you! This helpful extension adds a toolbar button with a plethora of web developer tools. A must-have web developer Chrome extension!


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