If your browser of choice is Google Chrome, then you know all about the growing list of thousands of free Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store — including Brand Thunder’s new MyWeb for Chrome extension. What you may not know is that the Chrome Web Store offers a slew of free extensions for WordPress bloggers that make the blogging process much easier.

Whether you’re a professional blogger or use WordPress for fun, this collection of Google Chrome extensions for WordPress bloggers are some of the best that will keep your blogging experience more productive, streamlined and effective.

Top Chrome Extensions for WordPress Bloggers

1.) After the Deadline

After the Deadline WordPress Extension

If you’ve ever published a blog post containing spelling and grammar errors, you know how embarrassing it can be! Thankfully there’s a free Chrome extension that makes sure you never do it again. Check spelling, style and grammar right in your Chrome browser with After the Deadline. Configure the settings to be as lenient or as strict as you’d like. This Chrome extension works especially well within your WordPress text editor. After the Deadline is available for English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish text.

 2.) ColorZilla

ColorZilla for Chrome


ColorZilla is helpful for WordPress bloggers who want to quickly update their blog themes with the perfect color combinations at any point right inside their Chrome browsers.  ColorZilla helps you pick colors from any webpage font, background color and even has an eyedropper color picker for amazing accuracy. The ColorZilla gradient generator is especially useful if you want your WordPress theme to have a bit of dimension.

3.) Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket Chrome Extension
The Save to Pocket extension for Chrome helps WordPress bloggers bookmark and save favorite websites, articles and videos with one click so they’ll never miss a good, relevant read. This extension makes it easy for you to save, read and share articles with your blog readers. There is also an option to add Pocket to your own WordPress blog so readers can save your blog posts for later reading, as well. The Save to Pocket extension syncs across all devices from your iPhone and iPad to your Android making the saving and sharing process even easier.

 4.) Writer

Writer Chrome Extension

Touted as the ‘internet typewriter,’ Writer for Chrome is a distraction-free writing tool that, when used, leaves you with nothing but your words on a screen — making it easier to push out that next blog post much more quickly! Writer doesn’t have buttons, formatting — nothing. The only thing you can change is the foreground and background color so you can adjust it to your eyes’ liking. Open and edit an unlimited number of documents, export them as PDF or text and even work offline if you choose to go fully distraction-free! WordPress bloggers can directly publish their creations to their blog with an upgrade, as well.

 5.) MozBar

MozBar Chrome Extension

Streamline your SEO while you surf the web with MozBar. If you’re using your WordPress blog for SEO purposes, you’ll want to download this free Chrome extension from Moz. When MozBar is enabled, you can create custom searches, compare link metrics, expose page elements and access many other powerful and important SEO tools all within your Chrome browser. You can also view social metrics for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

6.) Blipshot

Blipshot Chrome Extension

Sometimes when you’re blogging, you’ve just got to share a screenshot or two. Blipshot for Google Chrome makes this process super simple with one-click, full-page screenshots. Easily drag and drop the screenshots with this helpful Chrome extension, as well. Blipshot is perfect for WordPress bloggers as you can edit a slew of screenshots with ease for use in future blog posts. Bonus: Blipshot screenshots Flash content if you’re using the latest Chrome version! 


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