‘Tis the season! Whether you’ve impatiently waited all year long to blare Christmas music or don’t catch the spirit until after Thanksgiving, most of us find anything to brighten our day during the holiday season. Here is a great way to disrupt your online experience with some festive Chrome Themes and New Tab Extensions that will surely bury your Grinch side.

MyWeb Holiday New Tabs is this year’s clear number 1, but the there are many to choose from.  Featuring a Santa Tracker, Live Fireplace, Christmas Minions, and a Christmas Countdown, here’s our Top Ten Christmas New Tabs and Extensions as well as our Top Holiday Chrome Themes from the Chrome Web Store. Several of them even include Free Holiday Music from Live365, and what’s Christmas without Jingle Bells and Nicholas Cage? Yeah, Nicholas Cage, he made the list…


Top Christmas Extensions to Add to Chrome

#1 :  MyWeb Holiday New Tabs

Like a Star on a Christmas Tree, this one Tops them ALL!  With one simple add-on, you get access to a ton of great features for the holidays.  Even includes most of the items on this list like Christmas Minions, Santa Tracker, Christmas Countdown and then some.  All of them come with Falling Snow, Free Music from Live365, and so much more.  If you only try one, this is it.

MyWeb Holiday New Tab for Chrome

#2 :  Christmas Minions Gallery

The Minions are decked out for the holidays!

Christmas Minions New Tab Extension for Chrome

# 3:  Christmas Countdown

What’s a countdown list without a countdown new tab page?  Christmas is coming!

Christmas Countdown New Tab for Chrome

#4 :  Live Fireplace New Tab

Possibly the warmest and most unique on our list, this one features a LIVE fireplace, crackling sound and all!

Live Fireplace New Tab for Chrome

#5:  Santa Tracker powered by Google

Powered by Google’s open source project, this Santa Tracker provides endless activities from the North Pole on your new tab page.

Santa Tracker New Tab for Chrome

#6 :  Christmas M&Ms

Pretty simple and straight forward, chocolate goodness in full color and holiday spirit!

Christmas M&M's New Tab for Chrome

#7 :  Glowing Christmas Even New Tab

The candles flicker, how cool is that!

Glowing Christmas Eve New Tab for Chrome

#8 :  New Tab Winter Animation

Maybe not as festive, but really cool winter animation that brings weather updates, calendar, and previously visited sites to your new tab page.

New Tab Winter Animation for Chrome

#9 :  Santa Caller

Allows you to send a message to your friends and family, from Santa!

Santa Caller for Chrome

#10 :  Christmas Countdown Window

Fun window that you can open when you want to see how much longer you have to wait until you get to open presents!

Countdown to Christmas Window for Chrome

Honorable Mention :  Christmas Snow Spread

Allows you to make it snow on any page you are on. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Christmas Snow Spread for Chrome

Top Chrome Themes for the Holidays

These don’t really need descriptions, just great themes without any of the fun features. Although some come with a small price tag, they are all very well designed and bring a beautiful look and feel to your Chrome browser.

Santa Night Flight Theme for ChromeChristmas 2013 Theme for ChromeGlowing Christmas Even Theme for ChromeWinter Holiday Theme for ChromeChristmas Tree Snow Theme for ChromeMerry Christmas Theme for ChromeChristmas Fireplace Theme for ChromeChristmas Snowman Theme for ChromeWinter Chills Theme for ChromeChristmas Theme for ChromeChristmas Light Strand Theme for ChromeChristmas Lights Theme for Chrome



Special Mention:  Nicholas Cage

We don’t feel like this needs any explanation, it’s Nick Cage.

Nicholas Cage for Chrome

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