Baseball fans, it’s time to get pumped up! The 2015 Major League Baseball season begins soon with the St. Louis Cardinals visiting Chicago to play the Cubs. But only one of these teams will make it to the playoffs this year — or, at least that’s what we’re predicting!

We decided to compile a list of the best of the best MLB teams’ browser themes for 2015. From the start of the season, to the playoffs and all the way to the MLB World Series, these browser themes will have you wearing your pride for your favorite team all season long.

Is your team not listed? We also have all 30 teams’ official MLB browser themes ready for you to download in our gallery — for free!

MLB National League Browser Themes

Miami Marlins Browser Theme

MLB Marlins Browser Theme

Wild Card: The Marlins will beat the Padres especially if Jose Fernandez returns to the rotation. If you agree, then download this Miami Marlins theme.

Pittsburgh Pirates Browser Theme


Wild Card: And even though we think the Marlins will beat the Pirates, we still give Pittsburgh a wild card over the Padres and Cubs. This Pirates browser theme is a real winner, too!

Washington Nationals Browser Theme

MLB Nationals Browser Theme

Division Series: Though the Nationals have won two division titles, they have yet to win a playoff series. We predict that will change this year and the Nationals will win over the Marlins — especially with this winning browser theme.

San Francisco Giants Browser Theme


Division Series: We predict that the Giants and Cardinals will meet, but the Cards won’t be able to beat the surprising Giants this year. So, the Giants will advance on with this awesome theme. After that though, we also predict the Nationals will beat the Dodgers in the NLCS.

St. Louis Cardinals Browser Theme

MLB Cardinals Browser Theme

And even though the Cardinals won’t make it all the way, they still win with this striking browser theme for true fans.

MLB American League Browser Themes

Baltimore Orioles Browser Theme

Baltimore Orioles Chrome Theme

Wild Card: Even though the Orioles lost Nelson Cruz, they know their style and skill level and were one of the surprising top teams of 2014. And we think they’ll win over the Angels, especially with so many fans rooting them on with this browser theme.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Browser Theme

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Browser Theme

Wild Card: But even if the Angels don’t advance, they still have one of the most awesome MLB browser themes around.

Seattle Mariners Browser Theme

Seattle Mariners Browser Theme

Division Series: Sorry to say it, Royals fans, but the Mariners will be advancing over your favorite team. The Mariners have Felix Harnandez — likely the league’s best pitcher, plus player-on-the-rise, Taijuan Walker in addition to a number of other incredible players. They also have a pretty fantastic browser theme.

Detroit Tigers Browser Theme

Detroit Tigers Chrome Theme

Division Series: The Detroit Tigers will advance over the Red Sox because of their experience, solid batting lineup and former Cy Young Winner David Price. Assure they do win by cheering them on with this Tigers Theme! Though the Tigers will advance, we also predict that the Mariners will beat the Tigers in the ALCS.

Boston Red Sox Browser Theme

Boston Red Sox Browser Theme

Division Series: You never know though, with a possible front-line pitcher like Cole Hamels, the Red Sox could pull a surprising win over the White Sox. Root for the Red Sox with this great theme!


So who do we think will win the MLB World Series? It all comes down to the Mariners and the Nationals at this point and we predict….

The Seattle Mariners!

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