Rihanna fans, this stunning collection of Chrome themes and wallpapers is just for you! We’ve searched far and wide all over the web for the hottest Rihanna browser themes, plus wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone to outfit your entire digital life with your favorite, fashionable pop star.

This collection of 16 Rihanna Chrome themes and wallpapers is sure to please every Rihanna fan; whether you’re looking for something sexy, cute or fun of this beautiful Barbadian musical artist.

Best Rihanna Chrome Themes

Rihanna Chrome Theme & Extension

Rihanna Chrome Theme Brand Thunder

This beautiful tribute Chrome theme for Rihanna by Brand Thunder designer, James B., is also available for Firefox, IE and Safari browsers. This stunning browser theme is for the true Rihanna fan. It offers quick access to Rihanna news and videos, plus social sharing features to interact with other real fans. Save this theme as your desktop wallpaper by right clicking, saving and setting the image as your desktop background after installing the theme. Click to download!

Red-Hot Rihanna

Red Hot Rihanna Chrome Theme

Rihanna’s red, pouty lips are sure to please with this sexy Chrome theme of the beautiful pop star. Click to download!

Pretty Rihanna

Pretty Rihanna Chrome Theme

This Rihanna Chrome theme is as pretty as can be! Gaze into her lovely eyes each time you open your web browser. Click to download!

Golden Goddess Rihanna

Goddess Rihanna Chrome Theme

Now this Rihanna Chrome theme is hot! Rihanna’s your golden goddess, sunkissed by the sun in this sexy theme. Click to download!

Rihanna Talk That Talk

Rihanna Talk That Talk Chrome Theme

“One and two and a three and four, come on let me know if you want some more” … Rihanna Chrome themes in your life! This one features cool imagery from her album, Talk That TalkClick to download!

Rihanna Diamonds

Rihanna Diamonds Chrome Theme

Dress up your Chrome browser in “Diamonds” and sexy imagery of the Barbadian recording artist. Click to download!

Rihanna Loud

Rihanna Loud Chrome Theme

This beautiful Rihanna Chrome theme features photos from her Loud album shoot. It will look stunningly perfect as your new Rihanna Chrome theme. Click to download!

Hot Rihanna Desktop Wallpaper

Rihanna Tattoo Desktop Wallpaper

Hot Rihanna Tattoo Desktop Wallpaper

If you love sexy Barbadian girls with tattoos, then you’ll want to download this hot Rihanna desktop wallpaper right now. Click to download!

Hot Red Hair Rihanna Wallpaper

Hot Red Hair Rihanna Desktop Wallpaper

Rihanna is flirty yet fiery in this desktop wallpaper featuring her awesome style and red-hot hair. Click to download!

Feathery Fashionista Rihanna

Feathery Fashionista Rihanna Wallpaper

There’s that killer fashion sense again! Clad in a skimpy black and white feather number, this hot Rihanna desktop wallpaper can’t be beat. Click to download!

Rihanna Hot Bikini Wallpaper

Rihanna Hot Bikini Desktop Wallpaper

Rihanna is from Barbados, so it’s only necessary that she sports a bikini on the beach from time to time. This hot Rihanna bikini wallpaper suits the pop star, and your desktop, perfectly. Click to download!

Cute Pixie Cut Rihanna

Cute Pixie Cut Rihanna Wallpaper

This cute yet sexy Rihanna desktop wallpaper features one of her signature styles — the pixie cut! And it’s just what your desktop needs. Click to download!

Top Rihanna iPhone Wallpapers

Sexy Devil Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Devil Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Lady Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Lady Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Smokin’ Hot Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Smokin' Hot Rihanna IPhone Wallpaper


Playful Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper

Playful Rihanna iPhone Wallpaper


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