Pop star, Justin Bieber, started his career at the tender young age of 12 and hasn’t looked back since. The now 21 year old singer, songwriter and actor continues to receive accolades and music awards for his maturing music — something that isn’t surprising to his true fans who caught Bieber Fever long ago!

We decided to give this young pop sensation the tribute he deserves by compiling a collection of the best Justin Bieber desktop wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers and more from all over the web, just for you — the true Beliebers who have stood by your favorite singer since the beginning. Download this awesome collection of Justin Bieber wallpapers below — for free!

Best Justin Bieber Desktop Wallpapers

Justin Bieber Chrome Theme and Extension

Justin Bieber Chrome Theme and Extension

Our newest Justin Bieber Chrome theme by talented Brand Thunder designer, MaDonna, doubles as a desktop wallpaper: simply right-click and save the image as your desktop wallpaper after you install the theme. This Chrome theme and extension is a true tribute for Justin Bieber and available in the Brand Thunder theme gallery. The theme features a new tab page experience with awesome Bieber imagery, links to the best Justin Bieber content around the web and a new search bar. Quick links to social media connections offer you a chance to meet other true Beliebers and interact with them instantly. Tip: Easily alternate between this Justin Bieber Chrome theme and your other favorite musical artist themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Desktop Wallpaper

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Desktop Wallpaper

If Justin Bieber were your boyfriend he’d “never let you go” and he’d keep you on his arm and “you’d never be alone.” Or, you can have him as your desktop background boyfriend at the very least! Download now!

The Name Beliebers Love

Justin Bieber Desktop Wallpaper

This desktop wallpaper will make true Beliebers swoon! Featuring a hot shot of Justin Bieber and the name you know and love, this wallpaper is one of the best for a real fan. Download now!

Pop Star Justin Bieber Wallpaper

Pop Star Justin Bieber WallpaperThis awesome Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper features the pop star in his true element — performing on stage. Relive the Justin Bieber live concert experience by inviting him to take over your desktop. Download now!

Justin with His Guitar Wallpaper

Justin Bieber with Guitar Desktop Wallpaper

As every true fan knows, Justin is more than just his good looks and singing voice. He can play instruments, too! This Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper features the star with his trusty guitar. Download now!

Justin Bieber SNL Desktop Wallpaper

Justin Bieber SNL Desktop WallpaperYou loved Justin Bieber in his SNL appearances, and you’ll love this SNL Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper featuring the stylish star in the famous SNL black and white style. Download now!

Justin Bieber and Drums Wallpaper

Justin Bieber and Drums Wallpaper

He may not be rocking out on the drums in this desktop wallpaper, but Justin Bieber sure looks good just sitting on them! Download now!

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Wallpaper

Never Say Never Justin Bieber Wallpaper“Never say never” to this Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper. Just “pick it up, pick it up” and… Download now!

Justin’s on a Boat Desktop Wallpaper

Justin Bieber on a Boat Desktop WallpaperJustin Bieber is on a boat in this desktop wallpaper and he wants you to come along for the ride. So, go! Download now!

Fun Justin Bieber Wallpaper

Fun Justin Bieber WallpaperTrue Beliebers know that Justin may look serious most of the time, but he also has a goofy side as shown in this fun Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper. Download now!

Justin Bieber Collage Desktop Wallpaper

Faces of Justin Bieber Wallpaper

Plaster Justin Bieber all over your computer desktop with this colorful collage wallpaper of the pop sensation. Download now!

Young Justin Bieber Wallpaper

Young Justin Bieber Wallpaper

It’s throwback time! Since you’re  a true fan who has been there since the beginning of his career, this young Justin Bieber desktop wallpaper is for you! Download now!

Top Justin Bieber iPhone Wallpapers

Justin Bieber Believe iPhone Wallpaper

Justin Bieber Believe iPhone Wallpaper

Justin Bieber Shirtless iPhone Wallpaper

Justin Bieber Shirtless iPhone Wallpaper

 Justin Bieber My World 2.0 iPhone Wallpaper

Justin Bieber My World 2.0 iPhone Wallpaper

Hot Justin Bieber iPhone Wallpaper

Hot Justin Bieber iPhone Wallpaper

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