Taylor Swift is quite possibly the most popular musical artist currently blowing up the charts. And if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know that this country singer-songwriter turned pop star’s latest studio album, 1989, was the #1 seller of 2014 — even though it just came out in October! Now that’s pretty amazing for someone who is only 25 years old. But true Taylor Swift fans know that this red-lipped, blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty has a whole lot of talent to back up the worldwide fanfare.

Due to her soaring popularity, more and more Taylor Swift browser themes are popping up on practically every browser theme site around the web. So, just for you true T-Swizzle fans, we’ve put together what we think are some of the best Taylor Swift Chrome themes around that will seriously make you wanna “shake, shake, shake, shake, shake…”


Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #1

Best Taylor Swift Chrome Theme

A true Taylor Swift fan won’t want to live without this Chrome theme! The latest and greatest addition to our Brand Thunder theme gallery is this striking theme and extension by the amazing designer, MaDonna. A true tribute to Taylor Swift, not only will this Chrome theme add beauty to your browser, its features include breaking Taylor Swift news and videos, social connections to meet and share with other Swifties, plus links to various important pages on the official Taylor Swift website.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #2

Taylor Swift Sweetheart for Google Chrome

Swifties know how much of a sweetheart Taylor Swift truly is.  In addition to her music, Taylor’s kind, joyful spirit is something else she is known for. This Taylor Swift Chrome theme highlights her sweet-as-honey demeanor with soft pink hues and hearts.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #3

Taylor Swift in Shades Chrome Theme

Not only is Taylor Swift sweet, but she’s stylish too! This Chrome theme is perfect for Taylor Swift fans who dig this pretty pop star’s timeless yet trendy style.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #4

Taylor Swift Red Chrome Theme

True Taylor Swift fans who just can’t get enough pictures of T-Swizzle will want to install this Chrome theme right now! Featuring Taylor Swift’s Red album and plentiful shots of Taylor herself, it’s a Swiftie Chrome theme that can’t be beat.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #5

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme Minimalist

This Chrome theme is perfect for the minimalist Taylor Swift fan. It features a modern, angled shot of the singer that is less busy than other themes, yet still striking like the songstress herself.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #6

 One Chance Swift Chrome Theme

Taylor Swift is truly a force to be reckoned with. In addition to her Grammy wins, she is also a Golden Globe winner. This Taylor Swift Chrome theme features images from the nights this sweetheart won some of the sweetest prizes.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #7

Dark Blue Taylor Swift Theme for Chrome

Sure, T-Swizzle can be sweet, but she’s also a knockout! This Taylor Swift Chrome theme featuring nighttime hues will have fans adoring her in their dreams.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #8

Taylor Swift Wearing Black Hat

Taylor Swift may be a pop star, but she’s also the down-to-earth girl next door. This Chrome theme features T-Swizzle in what could be the backyard of practically any fan’s home.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #9

A Pink Taylor Swift Chrome Theme

Best for Taylor Swift fans who are truly one-of-a-kind, this ethereal Chrome theme looks as if it were painted with watercolors. Its pastel hues are delicate and elegant, just like Taylor.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #10

World Tour Taylor Swift Theme

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s live music, you’ll love this Chrome theme! Featuring images from her Speak Now World Tour, this theme will have you dancing in your seat as you surf the web.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #11

Taylor Swift Yellow Dress for Chrome

“Oh, hi there.” This Taylor Swift Chrome theme makes it seem like you just stumbled upon Taylor on your stroll through the countryside.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #12

Loving Was Red Taylor Swift Theme

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, Taylor Swift knows what it’s like. This Chrome theme features some lyrics from her 2013 song, “Red,” and its look is as beautifully grey as the tune itself.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #13

Red & White Taylor Swift Chrome Theme

This Chrome theme contains perfectly-pretty hues for the winter season. Doesn’t Taylor’s cozy sweater just make you wanna snuggle up under warm blankets and listen to her sweet serenade?

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #14

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme Perfection

This Chrome theme shows off T-Swizzle’s classically beautiful looks and strong conviction. Just one look into that stare and you know Taylor Swift means business.

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme #15

Begin Again - Taylor Swift for Google Chrome

True Taylor Swift fans will appreciate the intimacy of this Chrome theme. Upon installing, it feels as if you’ve been transported back in time to Taylor’s childhood bedroom where she wrote some of her soon-to-be hit songs.

Do you know of more awesome Taylor Swift Chrome themes? Share them with us!


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