It’s official: The Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team have won their fifth national title after a tough, very close battle against the Wisconsin Badgers. And if you’re a die-hard Duke fan, you’re celebrating in every way imaginable.

Show the utmost pride for your Blue Devils by not only gearing up in your favorite team’s colors, but by wearing your pride today and throughout the year with these awesome Duke Blue Devils browser themes, desktop wallpapers, iOS wallpapers and more for true fans.

Best Duke Blue Devils Chrome Themes

Official Duke University Blue Devils Browser Theme

Duke University Blue Devils Chrome Theme



Download the OFFICIAL Duke University Blue Devils browser theme for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari! This winning browser theme is packed with the features die-hard Duke fans want most including  quick links to the best university athletics information, news, a multimedia sidebar to stay up-to-date on Blue Devils action plus social connections so you can interact with other true Duke fans. Download it now.

Duke Blue Devils Nothin’ But Blue Net

Duke Blue Devils Chrome Theme Blue Basketball


This stunning blue-hued Duke Blue Devils Chrome theme  features what your Blue Devils do best — put the ball in the net! Download it now.

Blue Devils Logo

Duke Blue Devils Logo Chrome Theme

Sometimes fans just want to keep their browser themes simple. And this Duke University Chrome theme complete with Blue Devils logo is perfect for those who don’t need a whole lot of flash and flair. Download it now.

Top Duke Blue Devils Desktop Wallpaper

Duke Basketball Locker Room

Duke Basketball Locker Room Desktop Wallpaper

This stunning Duke basketball desktop wallpaper invites you into a calm locker room scene. We’re assuming this wasn’t taken right after the championship win! Download it now.

Simply Duke

Duke Blue Devils Basketball Desktop Wallpaper

This minimalist Duke University desktop wallpaper is simply perfect for the die-hard Duke fan. Download it now.

Stars of College Basketball

Stars of Basketball Duke Desktop Wallpaper

A true Duke fan knows that their Blue Devils are the real stars of college basketball. This desktop wallpaper shows Duke’s star status with out-of-this-world imagery. Download it now.

History is Made Here

History is Made Here Duke Desktop Wallpaper

Duke basketball history’s finest moments are captured in this Blue Devils desktop wallpaper. Download it now.

Duke Huddle

Duke Huddle Desktop Wallpaper

This inspirational Duke basketball desktop wallpaper will help you keep the faith that your team will always strive to be the best of the best. Download it now.

Ball’s In Their Court

Duke Basketball Desktop Wallpaper

The ball is always in the court of the champion Duke Blue Devils; from the beginning of the season and all the way through to the very end. Download it now.

Blue Devils Basketball Court

Duke Basketball Court Desktop Wallpaper

This cool Duke Blue Devils desktop wallpaper will give you a bird’s eye view of the Duke University home court from your desktop. Download it now.

 Awesome Duke Blue Devils iPhone Wallpaper

Duke Passion Ignites

Passion Duke Blue Devils iPhone Wallpaper


Duke Basketball Logo

Duke Basketball Logo iPhone Wallpaper


Excellence is in the Name

Duke Excellence iPhone Wallpaper


The Blue Devil

Duke University Blue Devils iPhone Wallpaper

Duke Blue Devils Blogs & Fan Sites

  • Duke Update – The preeminent Duke Blue Devils basketball fan website.
  • Duke Basketball Never Stops – A fun Tumblr blog ran by a die-hard fan with great image updates of Blue Devils basketball.
  • Duke Basketball Report – An Duke Blue Devils community site for real fans.
  • Duke Report – Editor-in-Chief, David, has been a die-hard Duke basketball fan since the 1990s — and true fans like him will love his Duke basketball fan site.
  • Go Duke – The official website of Duke Athletics.


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