Nicki Minaj fans: this post is just for you! If you’re looking for the best Nicki Minaj Chrome themes, then you’ve come to the right place. We rounded up the top Nicki Minaj Chrome themes from around the web for real fans of the famous pop star. And just like Nicki’s catchy tunes, this collection of browser themes is sure to satisfy your craving for fun!

From the unique, to the sexy and the quirky, these 13 top Nicki Minaj Chrome themes are a true tribute to this exotic Trinidadian-born celebrity, and the collection is so diverse that every Nicki Minaj fan will find what they’re looking for. And bonus: they’re all free to download! 

Best Nicki Minaj Chrome Themes

Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme with New Tab Experience

Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme and Extension

This stunning Nicki Minaj Chrome theme by talented designer, MaDonna, is a real tribute to Nicki Minaj and available in the Brand Thunder theme gallery. This Chrome theme offers a truly immersive fan experience for the Nicki Minaj fan who wants it all: quick access to Nicki Minaj news and videos, plus social sharing features to interact with other true fans. It also features our new tab page experience complete with incredible imagery of Nicki Minaj and a new search bar. Tip: Easily alternate between this Nicki Minaj Chrome theme and your other favorite musical artist themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Chrome Theme

Nicki MInaj Pink Friday Chrome Theme

If you loved her first album, Pink Friday, then you’re going to equally adore this awesome Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme. Download now!

Nicki On Her Motorbike Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme on Motorcycle

What’s hotter than Nicki in pink? Nicki riding a motorcycle, of course! So you should probably install this fun Nicki Minaj Chrome theme. Download now!

Many Faces of Nicki Minaj Theme

Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme Many Faces

It seems like Nicki is always changing her wild look to something even wilder! And this Nicki Minaj Chrome theme captures her various styles perfectly. Download now!

Girl Next Door Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Girl Next Door Chrome Theme

And sometimes, Nicki even tones down her look to something more natural, like she does for this girl next door Nicki Minaj Chrome theme. Download now!

Nicki Minaj Color Theme for Chrome

Nicki Minaj Color Google Chrome Theme

This Nicki Minaj Chrome theme is as colorful as can be! Brighten up your browsing experience with this beautifully designed theme by DeviantArt designer, BORJAYCIA. Download now!

Nicki Minaj Smile Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Smile Chrome Theme

If you need to cheer up, just install this Nicki Minaj Chrome theme of the singer grinning from ear to ear. Just one look, and you won’t be able to stop smiling, yourself! Download now!

Nicki Minaj in Monochrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Monochrome Chrome Theme

This Chrome theme of Nicki Minaj captures the star’s fun, quirky style in a sophisticated black and white shot. Download now!

Nicki Minaj I’m Out Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj I'm Out Chrome Theme

Remember when Nicki Minaj collaborated with Ciara on “I’m Out”? This cool Nicki Minaj Chrome theme captures what the star looked like in the music video — but in cartoon-like form! Download now!

Sophisticated Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme

Sophisticated Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme

Nicki can also step away from her quirky looks to something more sophisticated — like in this minimalist Nicki Minaj Chrome theme. Download now!

Nicki Minaj is Just Peachy Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Viva La Glam Peach Chrome Theme

Nicki is sitting pretty (and peachy!) in this Viva la Glam Peach Nicki Minaj Chrome theme. Download now!

Nicki Minaj Model Behavior Chrome Theme

Nicki Minaj Chrome Theme Model

This theme shows Nicki using one of her best assets — her spokemodel skills! You should install this beautiful Nicki Minaj Chrome theme.  Download now!

Hot Nicki Minaj in Pink Wig Chrome Theme

Hot Nicki Minaj Pink Wig Chrome ThemeA hot, quirky and very sexy Nicki Minaj Chrome theme all rolled into one! Add a pop of color to your browser — and you entire day! Download now!


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