Attention Cleveland Cavaliers fans: This collection of Cleveland Cavs Chrome themes, desktop wallpapers and more is just for you. As you know, right now is the best time ever to be a Cleveland Cavaliers fan! Even with Kyrie Irving still recovering from his recent knee injury, you still have Lebron James playing at his best going into Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. And as a true Cavs fan, you are always there for your favorite team through the losses as well as the wins — even when Lebron left the team.

In addition to downloading our collection of Lebron James desktop wallpapers, show your unwavering support for the Cleveland Cavs by outfitting your digital life with these 13 Cleveland Cavaliers Chrome themes, desktop wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers and fan sites for real Cavs fans only.

Best Cleveland Cavs Chrome Themes

OFFICIAL Cleveland Cavaliers Chrome Theme & Extension

Cleveland Cavaliers Chrome Theme Official

This Cleveland Cavaliers Chrome theme is the only OFFICIAL NBA Cleveland Cavs extension. Download it now to keep up with Cavs news and information. This fully interactive theme features social connections that offer a chance for you to meet and chat with other true Cavs fans, plus quick links that take you to the best pages of the official Cleveland Cavs website. Get it now! Easily  install your other favorite official NBA Chrome themes with our new MyWeb for Chrome Extension.

Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Theme

Cleveland Cavs Jersey Chrome Theme

Outfit Google Chrome with this striking Cleveland Cavs jersey Chrome theme to show your undying team spirit while surfing the web. Get it now!

Cleveland Cavs Basketball Court Theme

Cleveland Cavs Basketball Court Chrome Theme

This cool Cleveland Cavs Chrome theme gives you a birds-eye view of the Cavaliers basketball court. Get it now!

Lebron James Chrome Theme

Lebron James Chrome Theme

Lebron James  is truly a king in this powerful Chrome theme for real Lebron fans. Get it now!

Kyrie Irving Chrome Theme

Kyrie Irving Chrome Theme

Show your support for Kyrie Irving with this awesome Cleveland Cavaliers Chrome theme. Get it now!

Top Cleveland Cavaliers Desktop Wallpapers

Cleveland Cavs Logo Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Wallpaper

This cool Cleveland Cavaliers desktop wallpaper showcases the Cavs logo bursting through a sky full of stars. Get it now!

Love, James, Irving Cavs Desktop Wallpaper

Love, James & Irving Cavs Desktop Wallpaper

A Cleveland Cavaliers desktop wallpaper featuring your favorite Cavs players: Kevin Love, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Get it now!

Lebron James Desktop Wallpaper

Lebron James Desktop Wallpaper

This HD Lebron James desktop wallpaper is perfect for pumping you up for the NBA finals. Get it now!

Stamped Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Desktop Wallpaper

Stamp your love for the Cavs right on your desktop with this HD Cleveland Cavs logo desktop wallpaper. Get it now!

Gold Burst Cavs Desktop Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavaliers 2015 Logo Wallpaper

This HD Cleveland Cavaliers desktop wallpaper is brand new for 2015! And it’s awesome. Get it now!

BONUS! Cleveland Cavaliers iPhone Wallpapers

Cleveland Cavs Logo iPhone Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo iPhone Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavaliers C-Sword  iPhone Wallpaper

Cleveland Cavs C-Sword iPhone Wallpaper

Lebron James iPhone Wallpaper

Lebron James iPhone Wallpaper

Cleveland Caveliers Blogs & Fan Sites

  • Cavs: The Blog – Founded by John Krolik in 2008, this blog is one of the best for true Cavs fans.
  • Fear the Sword – SBNation’s Cleveland Cavaliers blog.
  • Stepien Rules – Brendan Bowers runs this Cleveland Cavs blog that has been credentialed by the Cleveland Caveliers for the last three seasons.
  • Cav Fanatic – The official social network of the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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