Attention Beyoncé fans: this post is just for you! If you’re looking for the best Beyonce Chrome Themes around, then you’ve come to the right place. We scoured the web for the top Beyoncé Chrome themes for real fans of the Queen B. And just like her spectacular voice and brilliantly crafted R&B, soul and pop hits, this collection of Chrome themes can’t be beat.

From the pretty, to the goofy and all in between, this collection of 13 of the best Beyoncé Chrome themes will make real fans of the Queen B want to put a figurative ring on them all!

13 Best Beyoncé Chrome Themes

Beyoncé Chrome Theme & Extension

Beyoncé Chrome Theme & Extension

This stunning Beyoncé Chrome theme by designer, MaDonna, is a real tribute to the Queen B and available in the Brand Thunder theme gallery. This Chrome theme offers a truly immersive fan experience for the Beyonce fan who wants it all: quick access to Beyonce news and videos, plus social sharing features to interact with other true fans. It also features our new tab page experience complete with beautiful imagery of the Queen B and a new search bar. Tip: Easily alternate between this Beyonce Chrome theme and your other favorite musical artist themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension

Single Ladies Chrome Theme

Beyonce Single Ladies Chrome Theme

“All the single ladies, now put your hands up” and download this awesome Beyonce Chrome theme featuring a stunning screenshot from her “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” music video. Get the theme!

Super Bowl Beyonce Chrome Theme

Super Bowl Beyonce Chrome Theme

Remember when the Queen B put on that spectacular Super Bowl Half Time Show? Relive the magical moments again with this Beyonce Chrome theme featuring a promotional photo for the show. Get the theme!

Beautiful Beyonce Theme

Beautiful Beyonce Chrome Theme

Isn’t she lovely? Beyonce looks gorgeous in this close-up shot featuring her sheer beauty. Get the theme!

Born for the Stage Beyonce Theme

Beyonce Live Performance Chrome Theme

If you’re a true Beyonce fan, you know she was born to be onstage! And this live performance Beyonce Chrome theme proves it. Get the theme!

Singing Star

Beyonce Singing Chrome Theme

This Beyonce Chrome theme showcases her star quality as well as her singing chops. Get the theme!

Beyonce Belts it Out Chrome Theme

Beyonce Belting Song Chrome Theme

Because you just can’t have enough Beyonce singing Chrome themes in your life…here’s another one in monochrome. Get the theme!

Beyonce Bikini Chrome Theme

Beyonce Bikini Chrome Theme

And a real fan absolutely has to have a hot Beyonce bikini Chrome theme too, of course. Get the theme!

Fierce Vixen Beyonce Theme

Beyonce Fierce Vixen Chrome Theme

And yes, Beyonce fans know she’s also fierce in leather from head-to-toe. Yowza! Get the theme!

Sexy Beyonce Chrome Theme

Sexy Beyonce Chrome Theme

And Beyonce fans know this bombshell also looks fabulous in practically nothing at all — like in this sexy Beyonce Chrome theme. Get the theme!

Goofy Beyonce

Goofy Beyonce Chrome Theme

Beyonce is also human, if you can believe it or not! She likes to show her goofy side, just like you and me in this fun Chrome theme of the Queen B. Get the theme.

Pretty Beyonce Chrome Theme

Pretty Beyonce Chrome Theme

And in this Beyonce Chrome theme featuring bright colors and her pretty mug, the star shows she’s just the girl next door. Get the theme!

Stylish Beyonce Theme

Simply Stylish Beyonce Chrome Theme

But of course, Beyonce is a star and must show her flashy, stylish side. This Beyonce Chrome theme is perfect for highlighting her fierce fashion sense. Get the theme!


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