If you’re one of the millions of Minecraft players out there, then you’re going to be a million times thrilled about this collection of Minecraft Chrome themes! Every Minecraft addict knows precisely why this open world video game has won numerous awards over the years, and is listed as one of the best selling PC games of all time. Because of these achievements, we decided to give Minecraft a long-overdue tribute by featuring 12 of the best Minecraft Chrome themes fans can download — free!

Whether you play Minecraft on your PC, your smartphone, your Xbox or Playstation, you’ll find the perfect Minecraft Chrome theme for you in this awesome collection.

 Best Minecraft Chrome Themes

Minecraft Chrome Theme and Extension

Minecraft Chrome Theme and Extension

This Minecraft Chrome theme designed by resident Brand Thunder artist, MaDonna, is a real tribute to your favorite open world video game. The Chrome extension includes cool Minecraft imagery, plus the New Tab Page experience offers links to the best Minecraft content with integrated search capabilities. In addition to that, this Minecraft theme’s social connections allow you to interact with other true Minecraft fans on social media, instantly. Click to install this Minecraft Chrome theme now! Tip: Easily alternate between this Minecraft Chrome theme and your other favorite video game themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension.

Minecraft Temple Chrome Theme

Minecraft Temple Chrome ThemeThis stunning Minecraft temple Chrome theme will turn your web browsing experience into a true adventure! Download now!

Enderman Head Minecraft Chrome Theme

Minecraft Enderman Chrome ThemeEndermen like browsing the web with you when they aren’t teleporting or moving blocks! Install this Minecraft Chrome theme so this enderman can have some fun, too. Download now!

Minecraft Chrome Theme: Slime

Minecraft Chrome Theme - Slime

Sure, Minecraft slimes are hostile mobs in the game, but as Chrome themes, they’re pretty harmless! Download now!

Minecraft Cow Chrome Theme

Minecraft Cow Chrome ThemeFor the Minecraft fan who can’t get enough of their favorite cows, this Minecraft cow Chrome theme is mooooo-velous! Download now!

Minecraft Pig Chrome Theme

Minecraft Pig Chrome ThemeAnd for the Minecraft fan who digs pigs the most, this fun Chrome theme featuring a Minecraft pig can’t be beat! Download now!

Simply Minecraft Chrome Theme

Simply Minecraft Chrome ThemeMinecraft players who like the minimalist look will definitely want to insall this simple Minecraft Chrome theme. Download now!

Minecraft Black Brick Chrome Theme

Minecraft Chrome Theme Logo Black Brick

This cool Minecraft Chrome theme features the game’s logo on a black brick wall. Download now!

Minecraft Logo Chrome Theme

Minecraft Logo Chrome Theme

But perhaps you’re a Minecraft player who wants to add a pop of color to their browser. If so, you might want to install this Minecraft Chrome theme instead! Download now!

Minecraft World Chrome Theme

Minecraft World Chrome Theme

This Minecraft Chrome theme gives you an awesome birds-eye view of the world of Minecraft. Download now!

Minecraft Earth Cube Chrome Theme

Minecraft Chrome Theme Earthcube

A true Minecraft fan will love this Chrome theme featuring a cool close-up shot of an earth cube. Download now!

Minecraft Chrome Theme: Desert Scene

Minecraft Gameplay Chrome Theme

For players who have braved the desolate biome in the game, a Minecraft desert Chrome theme can help commemorate the triumph! Download now!


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