Truth: Cats have taken the internet by storm! And what’s not to love when you stumble upon the latest  funny cat video on YouTube, or an adorable kitten meme takes over your Facebook news feed? Not only can cats give us quite a chuckle, but these furry friends enrich our lives with love and joy.  And if you’re a true cat lover like us, we just can’t get enough kitten Chrome themes and desktop wallpapers to outfit our digital lives.

That’s why we found the best kitten chrome themes, desktop wallpapers and cat lover blogs for you to download, peruse and enjoy — all for free!

Best Kitten Chrome Themes

Adorable Kittens Chrome Theme with New Tab Experience

Kittens Chrome Theme and Extension

If you’re a real fan of cats, this brand new kittens Chrome theme is a must for you to install! Designed by talented Brand Thunder artist, MaDonna, this cute kittens Chrome theme and extension not only includes a colorful new tab page, content and search capabilities, but a different kitten welcomes you on your tab page every time you open your browser. Plus, social connections allow you to interact with other cat lovers all over social media, instantly. This adorable theme is available in the Brand Thunder theme gallery and is also available for Firefox, IE and Safari browsers. Tip: Easily alternate between this kittens Chrome theme and your other favorite cat browser themes by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension. Bonus: You can also save it as your desktop wallpaper by right clicking, saving and setting as your background once you install the theme! 

Sleepy Kitty Cat Chrome Theme

Sleepy Kitten Chrome ThemeAren’t cats the cutest when they’re sleeping? This cute cat Chrome theme features a very sleepy, fuzzy kitty who would love to get comfy and take a nap inside your Chrome browser. Get it now!

Ready to Pounce Kitten Chrome Theme

Mischievous Kitten Chrome Theme

This little cat has its big, green eyes on a prize, and it’s ready to come out of hiding and pounce on its target in this kitten Chrome theme. Get it now!

Cute Cat in the Flowers Chrome Theme

Cat in the Flowers Chrome Theme

This pretty kitty holds a cute pose while stopping to smell the roses! And we think it could be the purrrrrfect cute cat Chrome theme for you! Get it now!

Funny Kitten Chrome Theme

Funny Kitten Chrome Theme

Sometimes a funny cat is the best cat! And by downloading this kitten Chrome theme, a silly and playful kitty will browse the web and give you laughs all day long! Get it now!

Music Loving Kitten Chrome Theme

Cute Kitten and Guitar Chrome Theme

Even better than a sleepy kitty is a tuckered out cat sleeping soundly on top of a guitar. This cute, music-loving kitten Chrome theme is for that cat lover who also digs music a lot, too! Get it now!

Cute Kitten Desktop Wallpapers for Cat Lovers

Tummy Rub Kitten Desktop Wallpaper

Kitten Lying on Back Desktop Wallpaper

Sometimes, a kitty just needs a tummy rub! And this cute kitten desktop wallpaper of a little cat lying on her back is the perfect pose for just that. Get it now!

Kitten Hiding Desktop Wallpaper

Kitten Hiding in Jeans Desktop Wallpaper

This funny kitten has a favorite pair of jeans — even though they don’t fit quite right! Add this cute kitten desktop wallpaper and her big, blue eyes to your desktop for some cat-loving fun. Get it now!

Kitten Fight! Desktop Wallpaper

Kitten Fight Desktop WallpaperThese cats are in a fierce battle! But even when kittens fight, they can’t help but be adorable. Download this kitten fight desktop wallpaper to smile all day long. Get it now!

Orange Kittens Desktop Wallpaper

Orange Kittens Desktop Wallpaper

Who doesn’t love orange kittens? They’re so cuddly and fuzzy — especially when they’re this tiny! Get this adorable orange kitten desktop wallpaper and add some cute to your day. Get it now!

Busted! Cute Kitten and Toilet Paper Wallpaper

Kitten and Toilet Paper Desktop WallpaperEvery true cat lover knows that kittens love playing with toilet paper! In this kitten desktop wallpaper, a cute ‘n’ furry friend looks guilty for strewing it all over the house! Get it now!

Tiny Newborn Kitten Desktop Wallpaper

Tiny Newborn Kitten Desktop Wallpaper

Aww! Look at the baby! This newborn kitten desktop wallpaper features a fuzzy, tiny cat that fits inside the palm of your hand! Get it now!

Blogs for Kitten and Cat Lovers

  • Cat Blogosphere – If you have a cat blog, you’ll love the Cat Blogosphere. Serving cat bloggers since 2006, this site is the central news hub for the cat blogging community.
  • Under the Paw – A cat photo blog by Tom Cox, author of The Good, The Bad and The Furry. 
  • I Have a Cat – Tamar writes this blog about her life as a 30-something NYC singleton looking for love despite the complication of owning cats.
  • Cute Cat Pics – A fun Tumblr blog with fun cat and kitten photos, memes and more for true cat lovers!

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