Sometimes, we all need to escape from the fast-paced modern world and give ourselves a relaxing beach vacation. But what if you felt the urge to hit the beach in the middle of a stressful workday, or free yourself from the kids and your other daily responsibilities to enjoy an hour or two in the sun?

These free animated beach desktop wallpapers will transform your computer desktop into a beach vacation, no matter where you live and all throughout the year! And even if you’re stuck in your cubicle at work, you can use these beautiful beach desktop backgrounds to relax, unwind and recharge without spending the big bucks — they’re free! 

Top Animated Beach Desktop Backgrounds

Serenity Video Chrome Theme and Extension

Beach Serenity Video Chrome Theme and Extension

In addition to adding a beach scene to your desktop, bring some beach serenity to your browser with our animated Serenity Video Chrome Theme and Extension (also available for Firefox, IE and Safari). This is the only Chrome extension you need if you want to zen out for a bit! Open the New Tab Page and enjoy an animated, calming beach scene complete with the New Tab Page content and search experience. Tip: Easily alternate between this beautiful Chrome theme and others by using our new, free MyWeb for Chrome extension. 

Summer Beach Animated Desktop Background

Summer Beach Animated Desktop Background

This animated desktop background is for the true beach bum. The sunny scenes flip between palm trees, crystal waters, sandy shores and a lone boat out at sea. Download it now!

Lonely Beach Animated Desktop Wallpaper

Lonely Beach Animated Desktop Wallpaper

Escaping to a remote island just got easy! Add this animated desktop wallpaper to your computer desktop and be instantly transported to your very own private island. Download it now!

Stranded in the Sun Animated Wallpaper

Stranded in the Sun Beach Animated Desktop Wallpaper

This animated beach desktop wallpaper has everything you need to be happy while stranded in the sun and sand: a margarita, hammock and acoustic guitar. Download it now!

Sunset Beach Animated Desktop Background

Sunset Beach Animated Desktop WallpaperFor when you just want to enjoy a sun setting over the ocean, this animated beach desktop wallpaper is for you. Download it now!

Fun in the Sun Animated Background

Animated Beach Desktop Wallpaper

When you want to have some fun in the sun, but don’t want to go it alone, this beach desktop wallpaper complete with other beach-goers is for you. Download it now!

Animated Summer Beach Desktop Wallpaper For Her

Summer Beach Animated Background for Her

Surprise the lady in your life by secretly saving this summery, animated beach scene to her desktop so she can have a solo getaway whenever she wants! Download it now!

Sunset Beach Lovers Animated Wallpaper

Sunset Beach Lovers Animated Wallpaper

This stunning animated beach sunset wallpaper is for the lovers out there who want to escape together. Download it now!

Coconut Beach Animated Desktop Wallpaper

Coconut Beach Animated Wallpaper

For when you’re thirsty for the sun, surf — and coconut water — this coconut beach animated wallpaper is the perfect fit. Download it now!

Nighttime Beach Getaway Desktop Background

Nighttime Beach Getaway Animated Wallpaper

You’re just one click away from a calming, nighttime beach getaway with this lovely animated desktop wallpaper. Download it now!

Resort Life Animated Beach Wallpaper

Resort Life Animated Beach Wallpaper

Escape to your favorite beach resort with this stellar animated beach wallpaper. Download it now!


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