When it comes to our browsers, speed and security are two obvious features we like (which can always be improved).Three browsers fighting for 2014 domination

But what else do you want to see in your favorite browser this year? Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are constantly coming up with new ways to impress users and leave each other in the dust. This year will be no exception, as these competitors will, of course, focus on speed and security while presenting new features that make online browsing better than ever.

Here is some of the latest news for the top browsers out there:

  • Google is developing an improved malware-blocker for Chrome, where malicious programs can automatically be blocked by the browser. Unfortunately, far too many people fall victim to malware, and Chrome is taking additional measures to stop it.
  • Mozilla is taking its talents to a range of other devices in 2014, which includes introducing its mobile phone with Firefox OS to even more emerging markets. But that operating system will also soon find itself on smart TVs and tablets, putting it in the same stratosphere as its competitors. For those who love the desktop version of Firefox, this is a great way to enhance that experience.

Firefox OS

Millenials to Pesky Whipper Snappers Chrome Extension

  • Internet Explorer 11 continues to rocket up the market share charts, as its usage tripled in December of 2013, going from 3.27 percent of the total web browser market share to 10.42 percent. Internet Explorer 8 is still the most popular browser in the world (20.64 percent share), but more and more people are experiencing the many great qualities of IE11, which range from great touch functionality and improved security to faster switching between tabs (up to 100!), direct Skype or Lync calls, side-by-side browsing, HTML5 and WebGL support and more.

IE 11 in Windows

  • One reason people love Chrome so much is that it offers exceptional experimental opportunities, evidenced by this recent list of useful features you may not have originally known about.

Chrome Translate Page New UX

  • Increased engagement with New Tab Browser Pages – Brand Thunder has developed a “new tab home page” that includes the ability for brands or advertisers to distribute video content, headlines, music, exclusive content and even offers to users when they open a new tab. This is a new evolution in the browser theme and their high engagement and branding abilities. This new tab page from the Houston Texans provides an example:

Houston Texans-New tab page Google Chrome

So What are You Looking for in a 2014 Browser?

As each of the Big Three continue to fight for market share dominance, it means users will be privy to a slew of great new features with regularity. Whether you simply want speed and security or a host of experimental features that let you customize the browser exactly how you’d like, you’ll have no shortage of options in 2014.

What type of features entice you to use a particular browser? Let us know!

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