With such a brutal Winter here in the US this past season, it was a refreshing change to see bright sunny skies this entire Spring weekend. So it’s no surprise that we choose the “What a Bright Sunshiny Day” browser theme as our fan-submitted “theme of the week“. Anyone dawning this theme will certainly be in a good mood instantly. Theme designer “Madonna” uses an array of Spring themes from beautiful flowers, fluttering butterflies, big puffy white clouds and a crystal blue sky across the entire background of the theme. Bright green grass is springing up from the ground in a perfect Spring-time theme for your Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. If you’re ever having a bad day, just download this Sunshiny Day theme to liven up your day. Congrats Madonna on a great design for Spring (and anytime)!

What a Bright Sunshiny Day

What a Bright Sunshiny Day

Other Great Browser Theme Designs

Purple Hummingbird Lights

Purple Hummingbird Lights

Rainbow Dash Pony

Rainbow Dash Pony Theme

Summer Fence

Summer Fence Browser ThemeLittle Green Bird in Cherry Tree

Little Green Bird in Cherry Tree

Spring Bee

Spring Bee

Titanium Carbon Fiber

Titanium Carbon Fiber  Browser Theme

Spring’s Little Angels

Spring's Little Angels Theme

NETCB Firefox


Rainbow Dash for IE

Rainbow Dash for IE Browsers

Create Your Own Theme

Customize your browser the way you want with a new theme created by you. Brand Thunder has developed a browser theme creator for Firefox and IE browsers at http://bt-engage.com. Each theme created in this week’s “Theme of the Week” post was created by fans using BT:Engage. It’s easy to do and fun to create. Simply sign up for a free account, choose background colors, add your own designs and images, and even add quick links to your favorite websites, like Facebook and Twitter, right from the browser. Brand Thunder has a vast gallery of themes available, but perhaps you’re looking for a more custom design that fits your personality or interests. Fans have created designs from their favorite sports teams, favorite seasons, music artists, their own companies, video games and more. So whatever your interest is, design your very own customized theme with BT:Engage and have your theme featured in our “theme of the week” blog post each Monday.


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