This week’s browser “theme of the week” is the Whaleskin browser theme created by theme designer aptly named “Whaleskin”. We’re not exactly sure what the theme represents; our first inclination was a band, a movie or some sort of video game or character in the game. Whatever it represents, the design is a great one and displays very nicely on your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. The creator uses a black background color solid across the entire theme, then uses a gold font spelling out the name Whaleskin across the center of the theme. The artist displayed the tail of the whale splashing into the water directly to the right of the Whaleskin text. The theme designer was meticulous about getting the correct alignment across the entire theme so both the text and image could be seen. Very well done designer “Whaleskin”.

Whaleskin Browser Theme

Whaleskin Browser Theme

Other Great Themes

Gajj Cinnamon

Gajj Cinnamon

OS6 Theme

OS6 browser theme


Southpark browser theme

Gajj Theme

Gajj design

$tarr Finance Small Business

$taar Finance Small Business

The Seasons

The Seasons browser theme

Create Your Own Designs

You can see the diversity in theme creations from our fans this past week from the various seasons, TV shows, small business themes, and other creative designs. That’s the beauty of Brand Thunder’s theme creator Whatever your interests are, you can create and design a browser theme revolved around that. Our team creates browser themes all day and there are thousands more across the Internet, but if they aren’t the design you’re looking for, you may not download a theme. That’s why our team created BT:Engage, for fans to create their very own customized themes and enjoy the beauty of your own creations. Who wants to look at a boring gray browser all day anyway? To get started, simply visit BT:Engage, sign up for an account so that you can store your newly created themes. Pick a background color and upload the graphics of your choice. It’s so much fun and at the end of the day, you’ll have your own customized theme designed exactly to your specifications. Better yet, you’ll be showcased on our blog and in our gallery for thousands of other theme designers to enjoy!

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