facebook fan page postThe design and functionality of Facebook’s fan pages change pretty frequently, but the fan page apps have always remained a staple of them. Designed to increase fan interaction with a brand, these apps are a great way to bring some versatility to your page while still giving you plenty of opportunities to engage with the people who follow you closely.

Here are four Facebook fan page apps that you should be bringing to your own brand pages:


The first brand marketing tool outside of browser themes for Brand Thunder, we launched BT:Connect to increase engagement between brand marketers and their consumer fan base. The app offers quizzes, polls, voting, friend challenges, gifting concepts, giveaways, discounts, photo sharing, user-submitted content and more in a themed skin, allowing the brand to enjoy deeper engagement, richer data and more information about their fan base, along with a new channel for direct communication. BT:Connect addresses everything from viral brand awareness and fan engagement to user acquisition and audience data.

Facebook Demographic Data App
Facebook Demographic Data

Logging in via Facebook, fans can cast their ballot or interact and get notices of future polls, trivia, offers from the app and more. Fans can also stay updated on what’s going on with the app through Facebook’s notifications.

BT Connect Facebook App

Future Facebook Notifications

What’s even more exciting about BT:Connect is that you can continually engage with Facebook fans after they install. BT:Connect can send notifications to users who have authorized the app, no special or extended permission is required.

Facebook notifications app
Facebook notifications app

Fan Page App Results

Want results? BT:Connect helped The Ohio State University engage with over 10,000 fans. Here are some stats from the campaign.

Accept rates:

  • 50% of the users that visit a campaign, login and participate
  • 80% of the users that are presented with permissions to access their data accept the request
  • For every user that shares your campaign, you can increase your reach by 100%
  • Over 80% of the participants answer custom survey questions

Fan of the Week

Everyone likes to be highlighted and recognized for a job well done, and that is exactly what the Fan of the Week Facebook app offers. Every week, one of the fans of your page will be picked as the vaunted “fan of the week,” encouraging everyone to participate as much as possible, resulting in more comments, posts, likes and overall fans. As the page’s administrator, you can pick the initial Fan of the Week, but after that, fans can apply to become the next one.

Fan of the Week

YouTube Tab

If your brand is also utilizing YouTube, it’s vital to get this app for your page as well. Fans will get easy access to your complete library of YouTube videos, complete with an HTML5 player that offers 720p HD playback, hashtag search, Facebook comment and Like functionality, simple thumbnail navigation and more.

YouTube Tab

Iconosquare – Instagram Feed Tab

Like the YouTube app, integrating your brand’s Instagram feed into a Facebook fan page has plenty of benefits. Used by more than 150,000 brands, this Instagram feed for your Facebook page showcases photos and videos, promotes your current hashtags, allows you to choose among three different layouts and offers the ability to moderate content. Exposing your page’s fans to your other social networks without them ever having to leave Facebook is a great tool to have, and pretty much everybody loves Instagram. To be able to make sure people are aware of your presence on there is a great tool to have.

Iconosquare Instagram Facebook Fan Page App
Credit: http://iconosquare.com/instagram-promote

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