The best time of the year is finally here. You suffered through the unbearable winter, hoping you’d finally get to experience consistent 80-degree days and trips to the beach.

Well, here we are. Summer is upon us and it’s time to celebrate every way we can. Which is why your computer needs summer wallpaper and browser themes, perfect for always putting you in the right mood, even when you’re working at your desk, just waiting to get outside and enjoy the weather.

To properly ring in the return of the season, we’ve put together wallpapers for the five best summer activities.

Find Summer Browser Themes, Too (Firefox & Internet Explorer)

While you’re downloading your favorite summer wallpapers, be sure to find a great summer browser theme as well. Colorful and fun, these themes are sure to put you in the perfect mood all season long.

Promise of Summer

Promise of Summer Browser Theme

Summer Fireflies

Summer Fireflies Browser Theme

Golden Glory

Golden Glory Browser Theme

Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine Browser Theme

Watch the Sunset

Sunset Browser Theme

The Top 5 Summer Activities

1) Baseball

Baseball is the best sport there is, and there just isn’t any debate about it. And summer wouldn’t be complete without taking in some games at your favorite stadium, or taking a road trip to a new cathedral. Just think about playing catch under a bright blue sky. It doesn’t get any better than that, and it only gets better with baseball wallpaper.

Baseball Wallpaper

PNC Park Wallpaper

Brand Thunder also has the official browser themes for all 30 Major League Baseball teams, which is perfect for following your team all year, especially if they’re playing well (that’s for you, Blue Jays fans).

Blue Jays Browser Theme

 2) The Fourth of July

For Americans, this is one of the most important holidays of the year. And we really like to celebrate our independence, with everything from cookouts and fireworks to swimming, baseball (naturally) or just naps in a hammock somewhere quiet. Whatever it is, get yourself in the right mindset with some Independence Day wallpaper:

American Flag Wallpaper

Fireworks Wallpaper

3) Cookouts

This barbecue wallpaper is sure to get you salivating for days spent at the grill. When summer comes, so too does the best food in the world. What better way to spend time with family and friends than by eating grilled food? Best of all, you can literally grill anything. And we mean ANYTHING.

BBQ Wallpaper

Barbecue Wallpaper

4) The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, or are taking a trip to one during the summer, take advantage of it. Have a picnic, toss a football around, go for a swim. No matter what you do, bask in the glory of the sun and figure that life just couldn’t get any better.

Beach Wallpaper

Ocean Wallpaper

5) Ice Cream

How about cooling off after a day under the hot sun? Now that it’s perfectly acceptable to start eating ice cream whenever you please, it’s time you took advantage of it. So if you’re sitting at your desk, waiting to get outside, use this ice cream summer wallpaper as motivation.

Ice Cream Wallpaper

Ice Cream Desktop Background

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