Valley Lake HD WallpaperWhen it comes to finding HD desktop wallpapers, there is certainly no shortage of great options.

The best HD desktop wallpaper sites out there give you thousands of backgrounds to choose from in just about every category you can imagine, from the abstract and weird to favorites such as sports, movies, celebrities and more.

At Brand Thunder, we love wallpapers as much as we love browser themes, which is why we’ve created a list of the very best sites where you can find HD backgrounds. Part of the fun is searching for your new desktop wallpaper, trying different ones out and even uploading your own. Be sure to take the time to check out all of the sites we’ve listed; chances are, there’s an amazing background in one of them you haven’t even thought of yet.

But first –

What are HD Wallpapers?

Essentially, a wallpaper on your computer is the background you see on your desktop. There are many different names for it (from wallpaper to background to desktop picture), but they all mean the same thing, and they’re used to bring color and creativity to your monitor. And even though there are a ton of different resolution sizes, High Definition wallpapers can fit any type of screen, from 1920 x 1080, 480 x 800, 1366 x 768 and 1280 x 800 resolutions to mobile resolutions, dual and standard wide screens, HDTV screens and more.

In other words, no matter what kind of screen you use, you will be able to find desktop wallpaper that gives it a mind-blowing (or subtle, if you’d like) new look.

And without further ado…

The Very Best Sites for HD Desktop Backgrounds

An HD background that takes a stunning look at London

With a wide variety of resolutions and types of backgrounds to choose from, is one of your best sources for HD wallpapers. There are nearly 10,000 wallpapers on the site in more than 190 categories, and you can search through the site’s latest wallpapers, its most popular and top-rated wallpapers, random wallpapers and more.

Wallpapers Wide

An HD desktop background that is sure to bring a smile to your face

This is a site that is also home to thousands of different HD backgrounds, containing the standard categories and some other unique ones, such as its “Vintage” category. You can even submit your own wallpapers to the site. But the best part is that Wallpapers Wide will read your display settings and let you know your aspect ratio and resolution so you can find the perfect background for your monitor.

HDW HD Wallpapers

The pride and strength of a lion in a colorful HD desktop wallpaper

If you want to search through an almost unfathomable amount of wallpapers for your desktop, you’ve come to the right place. HDW contains more than 690,000 wallpapers, but they make the search less daunting by providing sections for new, top, random and uploaded backgrounds. And on the homepage, HDW displays popular wallpapers of the day, wallpapers that were just downloaded, popular wallpapers of the week, the latest uploaded wallpapers, other featured wallpaper sites, recent activity and more.

Only HD Wallpapers

HD Background for Cookie Monster fans

Like other HD wallpaper sites, Only HD Wallpapers has a huge library for visitors to browse, complete with a wide variety of interesting categories. What sets this site apart, though, is its Colors section, which organizes the site’s wallpapers by different color schemes. So if you’ve got a specific color in mind that has to be included in the wallpaper you download, this is the site for you.

Microsoft Windows Backgrounds

HD wallpapers are perfect for cityscapes

You may not know this, but Microsoft Windows’ official site has a ton of great HD wallpapers as well, celebrating everything from art and animals to holidays, games, natural wonders and more. These are easily some of the best, most professional desktop backgrounds you’ll find on the Internet.

Other Great Sources for HD Desktop Wallpapers

The fun doesn’t just stop there – here are more places where you can find HD backgrounds for your monitor:

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