World FlagsThe World Cup is underway, and it’s never been more exciting. But while the soccer itself is great, the best thing about the tournament is seeing all of the pride displayed for every country that is participating. Best of all, there are so many ways to show pride in your country, including downloading country flag Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer themes. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with flag themes for both the favorites and underdogs of the World Cup tournament. And when the World Cup is over, you can wear these themes as a source of country pride no matter what computer you are on. Share with your friends and show your true country pride!

World Cup Flag Browser Themes

American Flag Themes

Make no mistake, there are millions of Americans who are deeply passionate about soccer and the national team. And around World Cup time, just about everybody becomes a huge soccer fan in the country, with everything from bars to parks with giant video screens packed full of fans ready to see the team make a deep run.

So if you’re ready to make the plunge into being a full-fledged soccer fan, outfitting your browsers with American flag themes is a great way to start.

Flying Strong

American Flag Theme

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Theme

American Flag

American Flag Chrome Background

Team USA

Team USA theme

USA Chrome

American Flag Chrome Theme

Flag Themes – World Cup Favorites

With these flag browser themes, you have the favorites to win it all in Brazil. That, of course, is a lot of pressure, but for so many countries across the world, there’s no bigger achievement than winning the most prestigious event in the most popular sport there is.

Brazil Flag Theme

As this Cup’s host country, we are obligated to mention the Brazilian team first. But hey, it sure helps that this is one of the most decorated squads in the world and isthe overall favorite anyway.

Brazil Flag Firefox Theme

Spain Flag Theme

Spain Flag Firefox Theme

Argentina Flag Theme

Argentina Flag Firefox Theme

Italy Flag Theme

Italy Flag Firefox Theme

Portugal Flag Theme

Portugal Flag Firefox Theme

Belgium Flag Theme

Belgium Flag Firefox Theme

Flag Themes – World Cup Underdogs

These aren’t the top-ranked teams, and they face an uphill battle to move on to the elimination rounds, but still, there’s always a chance that these countries could pull off some huge upsets and shake up the World Cup. After all, there are always a few dark horses that make some noise – this could be the year that your team does it. If you want to watch it live, you can buy England World Cup 2022 Tickets at the Football Ticket Pad.

French Flag Theme

French Flag Chrome Theme


Iran Flag Theme

Iran Flag Chrome Theme

Mexico Flag Theme

Mexico Flag Chrome Theme

South Korea Flag Theme

South Korea Flag Firefox Theme

Ecuador Flag Theme

Ecuador Firefox Flag Theme

Nigeria Flag Theme

Nigeria Flag Firefox Theme

More World Flag Themes

Firefox has a great collection of themes for almost any country in the Flag theme gallery. Customize your Mozilla Firefox browser with the pride of your country. Choose from over 80 themes from: Uruguay, Bulgaria, Greece, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Russia, Israel, Norway, Ukraine, Denmark, Austria, and many more!

Mozilla Flag Gallery

Mozilla Firefox Flag Theme Gallery

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