This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” features a browser theme created by a St. Louis Rams’ fan and their community of passionate fans at Brand Thunder is already home to several Official browser themes from some of the NFL’s leading teams, but the St. Louis Rams aren’t on our list yet. The “Rams on Demand” community saw the need to keep their community engaged with the latest from the team, and a custom branded browser theme was a perfect way to do that. This theme features the St. Louis Rams’ logo in the upper left hand side of the theme along with team colors spread across the entire browser. The theme creator also provided quick access to the forum so that users could quickly access their favorite Rams’ fan site. The theme is designed beautifully and its creation is one of the main purposes behind Brand Thunder’s BT:Engage browser theme tool; to help communities engage with their fans. Go Rams!

St. Louis Rams – Rams on Demand

St. Louis Rams Browser Theme

Other Great Themes from Last Week

I Give You My Heart

I Give You My Heart - Browser Theme

Valentine Siamese Cats Theme

Valentine Siamese Cats

A Light in the Night

A Light in the Night

Abstract Art Designs

Abstract Art Designs Theme

Blue Shimmer Flowers

Blue Shimmer Flowers Browser Theme

Folk Art Owls

Folk Art Owls

Valentine Owls

Valentine Owls

Happy Tree Friends – Splendid

Happy Tree Friends Splendid

Happy Tree Friends – Anime

Anime Happy Tree Friends

Create Your Own Theme

Have fun creating your very own designs just like the creators above using Brand Thunder’s free browser theme creator Each theme created in our “Theme of the Week” posts was created using this tool. Fans around the world are creating their own designs and submitting them to our gallery for thousands of other fans to enjoy. Each week we highlight some of the best designs and pick one winner each week to showcase to our community on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. At the very least, you’ll have your own custom theme built the way you want it!

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