What could be better than spring? The weather is better, but not harsh, and the promise of a long, amazing summer full of possibilities is ahead. There is something about finally emerging from a harsh winter that almost feels like a real accomplishment. So why not celebrate that accomplishment by downloading a brand-new browser theme for the new season (or even making your own)?

We’ve collected a few of our favorite spring Chrome themes and Firefox themes to help you celebrate the season any way you wish. Can’t get enough of the Easter holiday? Is spring the time when you welcome baseball’s return? No matter what you love about this time of year, there is a spring browser theme out there to help you make it even more special.

Nature Spring Themes

Spring is also a time where all types of beautiful flowers are blooming, bringing bright colors to the world after nothing but winter gray for months. Want a flower Chrome theme of the most colorful tulips you’ve ever seen? Maybe a flower Firefox theme of raindrops after a peaceful spring shower? You can find anything you want – every aspect of nature during the spring is breathtaking.

Blue Daisies Chrome Theme

Spring Tulips Chrome Theme

Pretty Peonies Chrome Theme

Rainy Day Leaf Chrome Theme

Spring Raindrops Firefox Theme

Warm Spring Meadow Firefox Theme

Spring Firefox & IE Themes

Each one of these Spring related themes was created by Brand Thunder fans using our free theme tool http://bt-engage.com. You can find even more Spring themes created by fans in our gallery.

Birds & Spring Berries

Birds and Spring Berries Theme
Spring Abstract

Spring Abstract Theme

Spring Arrivals

Spring Arrivals Theme

April Showers Bring…

April Showers Theme

Spring Tulips

Tulips to Browse With

Easter Browser Themes

It certainly wouldn’t be spring without Easter, as both symbolize rebirth and infinite possibilities. Whether you celebrate Easter for the chocolate or its more religious aspects, it is the perfect chance to spend time with your family. With Easter Chrome themes and Firefox themes, you’ll be in the holiday spirit all season.

Easter Bunny Chrome Theme

Winnie the Pooh Chrome Theme

Hoppy Spring Firefox Theme

Easter Sky Firefox Theme

Easter Sunday Firefox Theme

Baseball Browser Themes

What would spring be without baseball? Like the weather’s rebirth, the start of a new baseball season brings with it endless optimism and excitement for what’s ahead. Other sports are great, sure, but baseball is such a part of us, so ingrained in our fabric, that its return every spring truly means something special. With that in mind, all 30 Major League Baseball teams have their own official browser theme, allowing every fan to show his/her pride.

New York Yankees Browser Theme

Oakland Athletics Browser Theme

Cleveland Indians Browser Theme

Atlanta Braves Browser Theme

Arizona Diamondbacks Browser Theme

Find More Spring Themes

Looking for a different type of spring browser theme? You’ll be able to find it at any of these resources:

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