After months of speculation and an endless amount of mock drafts, the 2014 NFL draft is finally – finally! – here.

To celebrate, we’re showcasing our official NFL browser themes, which will provide you with all of the latest breaking news through the draft and beyond. You’ll also have instant access to your favorite team’s social media channels, its official website and much more. If you’re a hardcore fan of any of these teams, you’re going to need to stay dialed in today for the draft, and this is the way to do it.

NFL Browser Themes for the 2014 Draft

Houston Texans

Ah, yes, the Houston Texans. What they do with the first overall pick could decide how the rest of the first round shakes out. Jadeveon Clowney seems like the best possible choice, but there are so many other directions in which the team can go. Is there even a new quarterback in the Texans’ future? One that maybe…played college ball in the same state?

Houston Texans Browser Theme

Texans Blogs to Follow

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are always a wild card in the draft. Will they draft Johnny Manziel? Sammy Watkins? Or, is it more likely that they will blow our minds and make a pick that no one saw coming? A team like the Raiders is what makes the NFL draft fun, though their fans might not always agree.

Oakland Raiders Browser Theme

Raiders Blogs to Follow:

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been linked to some potential first-round trades, and it’s evident that the team wants to win now. Will they make the huge move necessary to move up and draft a franchise-changing player? Or will it be more of the same in Buffalo?

Buffalo Bills Browser Theme

Bills Blogs to Follow

Detroit Lions

The Lions have some great pieces on offense, but there are other holes all over the place. In a competitive NFC North, they need to have a great draft in order to reach the next level. After all, when you have Calvin Johnson, you’re never all that far from being a legitimate contender.

Detroit Lions Browser Theme

Lions Blogs to Follow

San Francisco 49ers

There is plenty of talk that the 49ers are looking to move up from the 30th overall pick, but then again, there is a lot of talk like that for plenty of teams. Either way, it looks like the 49ers aren’t content and want to make a big move to take the next step after being so close to a Super Bowl victory the past two seasons.

San Francisco 49ers Browser Theme49ers Blogs to Follow


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts don’t have a pick in the first round, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other opportunities to improve the team. With Andrew Luck leading the team into a new era, will they be able to take the next step in 2014 and make a true Super Bowl run?

Indianapolis Colts Browser Theme

Colts Blogs to Follow

Washington Redskins

The Redskins are another team with no pick in the first round, but they sure could use one after a disastrous 2013 season. Maybe somehow, someway, Washington will find its way back into the first round and get some help for Robert Griffin III.

Washington Redskins Browser Theme


Redskins Blogs to Follow

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