We are just 7 days away from St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s only appropriate that we chose a St. Patrick’s Day related browser theme as our “theme of the week“. This week’s theme was created by legendary theme designer Madonna, and pays tribute to the upcoming “green” holiday. The “Pot of Gold” theme features a St. Patrick’s Day owl with big bubbly eyes sitting next to a pot of gold underneath the rainbow. The owl is decked in green along with a fun St. Patty’s day leprechaun hat. Madonna uses a lighter green color faded from light to dark from the left side of the theme to right. This is a perfect theme to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and a nice compliment to Brand Thunder’s own official St. Patrick’s Day browser theme. Check out this theme and other great designs from fans last week!

Pot of Gold Owl

Pot of Gold Owl browser theme

Other Great Themes

Hello Kitty School

Hello Kitty School browser theme

Shine on Lilies

Shine on Lilies - browser theme

Spring Swirls Theme

Spring Swirls Theme

Hummingbird and Spring Leaves

Hummingbird and Spring Leaves

Anime Happy Tree Friends – Flippy

Anime Happy Tree Friends - Flippy

Emerald Crystal

Emerald Crystal Theme


RVCA Theme

Create your Own Theme

Have fun creating your own themes, your own designs and showcasing your own personality with your browser. Each theme created this week was done so using Brand Thunder’s browser theme creator http://bt-engage.com. Change your theme daily, weekly or whenever you want to reflect the new seasons, your favorite sports team, or maybe your favorite movie star. The sky is the limit with BT:Engage as fans can create the design they love specifically for their Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. And even more fun is seeing your designs showcased on our blog, social media sites and throughout the world to browser theme fans. Hope to see your theme up here at the “theme of the week”!

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