philadelphia phillies pThe Philadelphia Phillies have had a pretty darn good decade, being competitive enough to play in two World Series, winning one in 2008. But that doesn’t mean Phillies fans are satisfied.

No, they are an impatient bunch and won’t stand for a long period of rebuilding, which is currently staring the organization in the face. But there are still great veteran pieces in place, and the team could always make one more big run (maybe – there’s always a chance!).

Even if the team does go into rebuilding mode, it’s important to show that you’re a fan no matter what the situation is. Be sure to let everyone know with Phillies browser themes, wallpapers and more. Showcase your favorite players. Or maybe Citizens Bank Park. Or heck, even the Phanatic. As long as you’re showing off a Phillies theme or wallpaper, do it with pride.

Philadelphia Phillies Browser Themes

As a true Phillies fan, you’re probably on the Internet looking up everything related to the team all the time anyway, so downloading a Phillies browser theme is simply the next logical step. Even better, the official Phillies browser theme is full of features that will bring you closer to the team than ever before, thanks to instant access to the latest team news, tickets, scores, theme-exclusive contests and more.

Philadelphia Phillies Browser Theme

Phillies Chrome Themes

Chase Utley Chrome Theme

Philadelphia Phillies Chrome Theme

Citizens Bank Park Chrome Theme

Phillies Firefox Themes

Jimmy Rollins Firefox Theme

Maroon Phillies Logo Firefox Theme

Phillies Pinstripes Firefox Theme

Phillies Desktop Wallpaper

You’re a Phillies fan, so you’re probably known for being outspoken. These Phillies desktop backgrounds will certainly help you get your point across at home, work or school, as you make sure no one ever forgets where your baseball allegiance lies. Plus, it’s a great way to make people remember that Citizens Bank Park is easily one of the best stadiums in the entire game.

And when it comes to the Phillies, it would be impossible to talk about them without mentioning the Phillie Phanatic. Widely regarded as one of the best mascots of all time, the Phanatic demands your highest level of respect, or something like that. Just download his Phillies wallpaper.

Phillie Phanatic Wallpaper

Phillies Wallpaper

Citizens Bank Park Wallpaper

Philadelphia Phillies Wallpaper

Phillies Stadium Wallpaper

Phillies iPhone Wallpapers

It’s vital to display your fandom wherever you go, especially during the long grind of the baseball season. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Phillies iPhone wallpaper, featuring one of the best logos in the game (seriously, we’re not just saying that).

Philadelphia Phillies iPhone Wallpaper

Phillies Logo iPhone Wallpaper

Phillies iPhone Wallpaper

Phillies iPhone Background

Find More Phillies Downloads

Need more Phillies themes and wallpapers? Get your fill with these additional resources:

Philadelphia Phillies Blogs

Cheering on your favorite team isn’t a solo act. From blogs to Tumblr accounts to community forums, fans of the Phillies like to discuss the successes and failures as a collaborative unit. There are some great Philadelphia Phillies blogs out there covering the latest news, trade rumors, and team analysis. Here’s a quick recap of some of the top blogs with a Phillies’ focus:

  • – An entire Phillies community with great analysis and articles on all things Philadelphia baseball.
  • – Another passionate blog that’s “more than a blog” covering the latest Phillies’ news, scouting reports, and minor league prospects.
  • – Hosted by ESPN and Bill Baer, author of “100 Things Phillies Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die.” Bill and team go into thorough analysis of all aspects of the Phillies’ game from player analysis to overall strategy and some fun posts mixed in.
  • – This blog is dubbed “Alternative Viewpoints on the Philadelphia Phillies”.

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