A new hockey season is upon us, and we are absolutely pumped. For fans of the Philadelphia Flyers, there are plenty of reasons to be excited, despite the team making an early exit from the playoffs last season.

But it’s a long season, and just making the playoffs is huge because everybody knows the Stanley Cup playoffs can be a total crapshoot and anybody can win it all. So as Philadelphia makes another long trek to the postseason in search of the Cup, be there every step of the way with your Flyers wallpapers, browser themes and more. Find even more NHL Hockey themes in our gallery if the Flyers aren’t your team.

The Best Philadelphia Flyers Downloads for Every Fan

Philadelphia Flyers Browser Themes

Over the course of an 82-game season, there is a countless number of storylines to follow, stats to research, opponents to track, fans to interact with, etc. That being said, the Flyers’ official browser theme (available for all major browsers) makes all of that instantly accessible, right from the top of your browser. So not only will it look great, but your browser will also always keep you up-to-date and entertained.

Philadelphia Flyers Browser Theme


As for Flyers Chrome and Firefox themes, we’ve definitely got you covered there as well:

Philadelphia Flyers Chrome Themes

Philadelphia Flyers Chrome Theme

Philadelphia Flyers Chrome Background

Philadelphia Flyers Firefox Themes

Philadelphia Flyers Firefox Theme

Philadelphia Flyers Firefox Background

Philadelphia Flyers Firefox Themes

Philadelphia Flyers Desktop Wallpaper

No matter what type of background you have, we both know it should be decked out in the Flyers colors and/or logo. Here, we’ll even make it super easy for you by giving you this collection of great Flyers wallpapers for your desktop.

Philadelphia Flyers Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers Wallpapers

Simon Gagne Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers Desktop Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers Background

Claude Giroux Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers iPhone Wallpaper

And you can’t forget about your phone, either. Whether you have the new iPhone 6 or an older model you love and trust, we have the Flyers iPhone backgrounds that will make you love your phone more than ever (even if you thought that was impossible).

Philadelphia Flyers iPhone Wallpaper


Flyers iPhone Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers Phone Wallpaper

Philadelphia Flyers iPhone Background

Philadelphia Flyers Blogs to Follow

  • Broad Street Hockey – This blog has a huge community behind it, so if you’re looking for like-minded Flyers souls, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Crossing Broad – This is a constantly hilarious must-read for all types of Philadelphia sports fans.
  • Broad Street Buzz – This is an excellent Flyers blog that is part of the FanSided network (which means even more Flyers news and commentary).
  • Flyers Fan Central – In addition to its own work, this site offers a ton of other Flyers blogs and resources to check out.
  • The Checking Line – This site has an impressive stable of writers, so you’ll never be without fresh content here.

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