It’s only appropriate that our browser “theme of the week” this week celebrates the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. The “Owls in Love” theme created by theme designer “Madonna“, features two owls in love with red hearts floating in the air around them. The owls gaze into each others eyes with the look of love. Madonna uses a wintery blue and white background to help the hearts and owls stand out, while also providing a soft background for browser theme users. In addition to the Owls in Love theme, there are several other Valentine’s Day related themes featured in our post this week. And don’t forget, Brand Thunder has the official Valentine’s Day 2014 browser theme, equipped with links to gift ideas and sites to create eCards. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Owls in Love

Owls in Love

More Great Themes

Hearts and Butterfly Kisses

Hearts and butterfly Kisses Theme

Limeade Theme

Limeade Browser Theme

Valentine Cats

Valentine Cats Browser Theme

Chickadees in Spring Lilacs

Chickadees in Spring Lilacs

Valentine Visions

Valentine Visison Theme

Monument Valley

Monument Valley browser theme

Thranduil theme

Thranduil Browser Theme

Colorful Country Birds

Colorful Country Birds

Create a Theme

Each theme you see in this blog post was created by fans using Brand Thunder’s browser theme tool Each week we feature some of the best designs and showcase one of the themes as our browser “theme of the week”. The best part of creating your own theme is that you can personalize it with your own designs, your own interest and share it with the rest of the world. Brand Thunder receives thousands of visitors each month from around the world seeking new themes for their Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari browsers. You have a chance to share your design with the world and be a part of browser theme history! See what all the fun is about, get started and create a new browser theme for yourself at BT:Engage.

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