It’s always exciting to check in on what is going on with the world’s most popular browsers because there is never a dull moment. That certainly holds true for Mozilla Firefox this month, as it prepares to unleash a brand-new user interface to the world, possibly as soon as the release of Firefox 29.

Here is some more of the latest news surrounding the Mozilla browser:

Download a Firefox Browser Theme This Month

Oakland Athletics Browser Theme


We talked about MLB browser themes in our post for Google Chrome news this month, but we just can’t get enough of baseball and want to let you know again how excited we are that it’s finally back. And since spring is officially here, there is no better time to install a new Firefox theme of your favorite team. And you’re in luck, because Brand Thunder has the official themes for all 30 MLB clubs.

Firefox News

Firefox 28

Perhaps one of the bigger pieces of news for Mozilla this month is the release of Firefox 28, which comes with VP9 video decoding support, the OS X notification center, volume control support for HTML5 audio and support for WebM Opus audio. There were originally plans to make Firefox 28 support the Windows 8 Metro mode, but that was abandoned due to “low user adoption during the beta process,” making this a bit of an underwhelming release compared to what could be on the horizon.

Firefox 29

As for Firefox 29, that is expected to be a huge release for Mozilla, as it could very likely debut the new Australis user interface. Firefox 29 Beta already has the new UI, which features “curved tabs and a slimmed down tab bar.” Plenty of other features will come down the pike with Firefox 29, including newly colored background tabs, a new menu system, new buttons on the toolbar and more.


Here is an infographic detailing how 2013 was Mozilla’s most successful fundraising year ever.

Up & Coming Firefox Extensions

Simple YouTube to MP3/MP4 Converter

YouTube Converter Firefox Extension

If you find yourself always wanting to download the music you listen to and the videos you watch on YouTube, then this is the perfect Firefox extension for you. This one truly makes downloading audio and video files from the site easier than ever.

Copy Links

Copy Links Firefox Extension

Many times, the best Firefox extensions are all about convenience. Copy Links provides just that, allowing users to copy multiple URLs at once in anchors to clipboard. Users can copy all URLs from link elements, or they can choose to just copy URLs from selected link elements.

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