movie themesThis week’s browser “Themes of the week” are based on popular movies and motion pictures you may be familiar with. From classic films like the Graduate and Easy Rider, to new action-based films like Avengers and the Hunger Games, our fans have created some excellent movie focused browser themes. Major motion pictures are the seminal art form of today’s culture. Since very first movies came out in the late 1800’s all the way through the 20th century and beyond, our culture has been captivated by its ability to tell a story, engage, and change the way we think. Movie browser themes are a great way to showcase your movie addictions by displaying your favorite movie characters and movie titles right on your browser. These themes are compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and provide additional shopping enhancements in addition to the amazing designs. So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and enjoy our collection of Movie-inspired browser themes from our fans!

Toy Story Theme

Toy Story browser theme

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Browser

The Avengers

The Avengers Browser Theme

Easy Rider Movie

Easy Rider Browser Theme

Psycho Browser Theme

Psycho Browser Theme


E.T. Browser Theme

Darth Vader Red Planet

Darth Vader Red Planet

James Bond – 007

James Bond Browser Theme

Spiderman Movie

Spiderman Movie Browser Theme

Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter Browser Theme

Ice Age

Ice Age Browser Theme

The Graduate

The Graduate Browser Theme

Movie Premiere

movie premiere browser theme

The “Movie Premiere” browser theme is the ultimate movie “buff” theme for your Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. This theme features some of your favorite imagery of going to the movie theater with popcorn, soda, a movie ticket and a slick turquoise and light blue background reminiscent of the interiors of movie theaters. But this browser theme isn’t just a pretty design, the theme features movie posters of new movies right in the theme, movie reviews, tickets and a multimedia sidebar to keep you updated on the latest releases. Want to know what the reviews our for the latest releases? Just click the “reviews” button in the theme to get links to some of the top reviews. Even get the latest showtimes near you and links to buy tickets right from your browser. This is the definitive movie buff browser theme for serious movie fans. See you at the movies!


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