It’s a great time to be a fan of the Michigan State Spartans. Between the football and basketball teams, the school pretty much has year-round championship aspirations. And with the College Football Playoff making its debut this season, there is even more reason to be excited, as the team is fully expected to be competing for one of those four playoff spots. So what are you waiting for? Start showing your pride today!

Michigan State Downloads for Every Spartan Fan

Michigan State Browser Themes

As the biggest Spartan fan out there (because you know you are), you always want instant access to your favorite teams. That’s why you need Michigan State’s official browser theme, which is available for all the major browsers. That instant access you covet includes the Spartans’ social media channels, tickets, videos, a news sidebar, the best of and much more.

Michigan State Browser Theme

Michigan State Spartans Chrome Themes

Michigan State Chrome Theme

Michigan State Chrome Background

Michigan State Spartans Firefox Themes

Michigan State Firefox Theme

Michigan State Firefox Background

Michigan State Desktop Wallpaper

Since you’re in the business of displaying your Spartan pride wherever you can, it’s essential that you utilize these great Michigan State wallpapers for your desktop. You already know this, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that the Spartans have one of the best logos and color schemes in the entire country, so showing it off at all times is of the utmost importance.

Michigan State Spartans Wallpaper

Michigan State Stadium Wallpaper

Michigan State Desktop Wallpaper

Michigan State Basketball Wallpaper

Michigan State Desktop Background

Michigan State Basketball Wallpapers

Michigan State Wallpaper

Michigan State iPhone Wallpapers

Remember what we said about Spartan desktop wallpapers? The same holds true for Michigan State iPhone wallpaper, too. But this might be even more important, because you’ll be out in the world, going to work or class, living your life, and you’ll need to bring your fandom with you. You never know when you’ll have to show off that you love the Spartans.

Michigan State iPhone Wallpaper

Michigan State iPhone Wallpapers

Michigan State Spartans iPhone Wallpaper

Michigan State iPhone Background

Michigan State iPhone Backgrounds

Michigan State Blogs to Follow

When following your school is your greatest passion, you need as many outlets for news as possible. These Michigan State blogs will give you the fix you’re looking for:

Do you have a favorite Spartan desktop background or iPhone wallpaper? Let us know!


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