A brand-new baseball season is upon us and few teams, if any, have larger expectations than the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the game’s largest payroll by a mile – which has bought a top-of-the-line pitching staff and formidable lineup – it’s World Series or bust for the Dodgers.

So while you follow your beloved Dodgers through a season that hopes to be magical, be sure to send them as many good vibes as possible by downloading Dodgers desktop wallpaper, browser themes, iPhone wallpaper and more. You can even create your own!

Los Angeles Dodgers Browser Themes

Whether it’s a Dodgers Chrome theme you need or one for any of the other popular browsers, the Internet has you covered. In just a few easy clicks, you can instantly see your browser decked out in Dodger blue. Or maybe you’ll want to see your favorite player. You can have whatever you want, and with Brand Thunder’s official Dodgers browser theme (available for all major browsers), you will have instant access to scores, tickets, news, the team’s schedule and more.

Dodgers Chrome Themes

Los Angeles Dodgers Browser Theme

Clayton Kershaw Chrome Theme

Matt Kemp Chrome Theme

Dodgers Firefox Themes

Los Angeles Dodgers Firefox Theme

Los Angeles Dodgers Firefox Themes

Brooklyn Dodgers Firefox Theme

Create Your Own Los Angeles Dodgers Browser Theme

As a true Dodgers fan, you want to contribute to the community of Dodgers browser themes. In order to easily create your own, visit BT-Engage, follow the few simple steps, and make it happen. There could be no better deed in the world than spreading your undying fandom to other people.

Los Angeles Dodgers Desktop Wallpaper

This team is built for a deep postseason run, so why not show off your pride with beautiful Dodgers wallpaper on your desktop? Want to get stuck staring at Dodger Stadium all day? Want to dream about October glory every time you turn on your computer? With a Dodgers desktop background, you’ll always have an HD front-row seat.

Los Angeles Dodgers Wallpaper

Los Angeles Dodgers Desktop Background

Los Angeles Dodgers Desktop Wallpaper

Dodger Stadium Wallpaper

Dodgers Logo Background

Los Angeles Dodgers iPhone Wallpaper

Nothing is better than being able to take your favorite team with you wherever you go. Dodgers iPhone wallpapers always keep your favorite team on your mind, even when you’re out or, God forbid, unable to watch the game.

Dodgers iPhone Wallpapers

Los Angeles Dodgers iPhone Wallpaper

Dodgers iPhone Wallpaper

Dodgers iPhone Background

Dodgers Logo iPhone Wallpaper

Find More Los Angeles Dodgers Downloads

Looking for even more Dodgers downloads? Get your fix of Dodger browser themes and wallpapers with these great resources:

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