This week’s browser “theme of the week” is from theme designer Madonna and here “Last Wave of the Day” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. We’re staying on a summertime theme as we did last week, since it is of course the summer season. This theme features a beautiful scene of the ocean with the sunset in the background. The last wave of the day is cresting and about to crash against the sandy shore. Madonna uses some really amazing color combinations to give that late in the day feel with dark purples, blues, turquoise, green and of course the yellow-ish orange color of the sun setting in the background.

One thing Madonna does well with her themes each week is provide a lot of open color space across the width of the theme. This helps keep the theme simple but provide a way for the actual designs on the right hand side of the themes to stand out. When designing for a browser, you’ll need to remember that the design will be across the entire duration of the top of the browser. If you use too many complicated lines and designs, it may distract from the other images you are trying to create. Congrats to Madonna and the other theme creators for some amazing designs this week!

Last Wave of the Day

Last Wave of the Day Theme

Other Great Designs

Northern Sunset

Northern Sunset

Birds Dinner Time

Bird Dinner Time Theme

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean Browser Theme

Ghostly Tigers Theme

Ghostly Tigers

Frangipani Bright

Frangipani Bright

Lavender Floral Surprise

Lavendar Floral Surprise

Reflection in Dew Theme

Reflection in Dew

Create a Personalized Browser Theme

As you can tell, there is a wide range of designs, colors and inspirations for each of the themes in this post. Each theme was created by ordinary fans using Brand Thunder’s free browser theme tool for Firefox and Internet Explorer: Each week we showcase some of the best designs and pick one as our “theme of the week”. These themes will then be published in Brand Thunder’s extensive theme gallery for thousands of browser theme fans from around the world to enjoy and download for their own browsers. Whether it’s a favorite season, your favorite sports team, or any other inspiration, we provide YOU the opportunity to showcase your talents to the world and customize the browser the way you want it. In less than 5 minutes you can have your very own customized browser theme. Get started today!


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