Ah, the Milwaukee Brewers. A great fan base, a tremendous mascot and, so far in 2014, a team that is really exceeding expectations. Everything is clicking for the Brew Crew, and a lot of signs point to it continuing well into the summer and possibly even the fall. With a great offense and a pitching staff that is dominating opposing pitching, there is a lot to like about this team.

So now is the best time to jump on board and support the Brewers with browser themes, desktop wallpaper and Brewers iPhone backgrounds. Find your favorite player or showcase the amazing Miller Park. It’s all up to you!

Milwaukee Brewers Browser Themes

If you’re a hardcore Brewers fan, you’re going to want to check out the team’s official browser theme, which is available for all major browsers. You’ll get instant access to team news, the best of MLB.com, a league scoreboard, tickets and more. With this Brewers browser theme, you’ll be closer to the team than ever before.

Milwaukee Brewers Browser Theme

Brewers Chrome Themes

Milwaukee Brewers Chrome Theme

Jonathan Lucroy Chrome Theme

 Brewers Firefox Themes

Retro Brewers Firefox Theme

Wooden Brewers Firefox Theme

Old Brewers Logo Firefox Theme

Milwaukee Brewers Desktop Wallpaper

When your favorite team has a great season and, hopefully, makes a deep run into the playoffs, don’t you want to be able to say you were there from the beginning? If you download your Brewers wallpaper now, you can brag to everyone in October that you knew this team had it in them. Plus, the retro Brewers logo is pretty much unbeatable, and a wallpaper of it on your desktop would look stellar, like Robin Yount’s mustache.

Yovani Gallardo Desktop Wallpaper


Retro Brewers Wallpaper

Brewers Alternate Logo Wallpaper


Miller Park Wallpaper


Ryan Braun Wallpaper

Brewers Alternate Logo Background

Carlos Gomez Wallpaper

Milwaukee Brewers iPhone Wallpaper

There is a chance – a sliiiight chance, that is – that you might not be able to see every Brewers game in a season. And there are, of course, a few tortuous months in the year when the Brewers don’t play at all. With a Brewers iPhone background, though, you can take your favorite team with you wherever you go.

Brewers Alternate Logo iPhone Wallpaper


Retro Brewers iPhone Wallpaper


Brewers iPhone Wallpaper


Milwaukee Brewers iPhone Background

Miller Park iPhone Wallpaper

Script Logo Brewers iPhone Wallpaper


Grass Brewers iPhone Wallpaper

Get More Milwaukee Brewers Downloads

Need more options to get your fix of Brewers themes and wallpapers? Get everything you can handle with these resources:

Milwaukee Brewers Blogs

In addition to all these great graphics, you want to stay on top of the latest news, trade rumors, player analysis and more. We’ve compiled some of the top Brewers’ blogs out there to help you keep on top of the Brew Crew.

  • BrewCrewBall.com – One of the more definitive blogs with news, minor league updates, analysis and Milwaukee Brewers community from a number of bloggers.
  • TheBrewersBar.com – This blog features the “Brewers Bar Weekly” with a weekly recap of their favorite and least favorite events of the past week. Some additional insightful analysis and unique commentaries as well.
  • Al’s Ramblings – The blog name says it all. Al provides short ramblings of his thoughts on Brewers baseball and whatever else is on his mind.
  • Disciplesofuecker.com – A straight to the point Brewers blog with player analysis, game reviews, and breaking news on all player related news.
  • Millerparkdrunk.com – This blog claims it’s the “Best Milwaukee Brewers Blog in the World”. We just love the name and humorous slant of this blog. For some fun reading and passionate Brewers talk, check out MillerParkDrunk.com.

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