Browsers sure do get a lot of things right, but how come the New Tab pages are so often boring? Sure, they’re pretty practical most of the time, but who likes just looking a plain white screen all the time?

Don’t think the New Tab page is all that bland? Let’s take a look at some of them for our favorite browsers:

Google Chrome New Tab

Google Chrome New Tab Page

Chrome’s New Tab page has been much-maligned recently (does anybody use the search bar embedded there?), mostly because it has been stripped of many of its old features. But at least it still offers you eight of your most-visited sites, along with quick access to your Gmail, Google Images and your various Google apps, including Drive.

Firefox New Tab

Firefox New Tab Page

Firefox comes at you pretty hard with your most visited sites, taking up most of the New Tab page, but the browser also gives users the option of either pinning a site at its current position or removing it altogether.

Internet Explorer New Tab

Like other browsers, IE’s New Tab page offers you quick access to the sites you visit the most (with the ability to remove them if you want), but Internet Explorer also offers suggestions on other sites a user might like. IE’s New Tab page also provides options for reopening closed tabs, reopening your last browser session and starting InPrivate Browsing, which won’t be tracked in the New Tab page. You’re also given the option of pinning sites from the New Tab page to your taskbar for even quicker access.

How to Change the Look of Your New Tab Page

Now what do all of those New Tab pages have in common? They could all stand to be spruced up, right? So when you do eventually get tired of looking at that plain white background, Brand Thunder will be there to help.

With our gallery of browser themes, you can decorate your entire browser – including the New Tab page – however you’d like. In fact, the New Tab page is really where your theme will get to shine. With so much space for color or an image, a browser theme from Brand Thunder takes your New Tab page to a whole new level.

Getting a browser theme is simple, too. Once you find a theme you like, you’ll notice the Download button next to it. Simply click that and you’ll be taken through a couple simple prompts. Before long, you’ll be basking in pure browser theme glory.

Download Browser Theme

New Tab Page Designs

Installing any of our browser themes, you are treated to a plethora of new tab page designs. Check out a few of the graphics below:

Bob Marley New Tab Page

Bob Marley New Tab Page

Not only does this tab have a great design for Bob Marley fans, users get access to the live Bob Marley Twitter stream and can listen to Marley right from the new tab!

New York Yankees New Tab Page

New York Yankees New Tab Page

The New York Yankees new tab provides a classic look to the legendary MLB team. A perfect fit for any baseball or NYY fan. Check out the full gallery of MLB themes for your favorite team.

More New Tab Designs

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Your new tab page doesn’t have to be boring and bland. Spice it up with a new browser theme with new tab page designs by Brand Thunder. Here are some other themes to get your juices flowing.

Get Fuzzy Browser Theme

Baltimore Orioles Theme

Arkansas Browser Theme

MGK Browser Theme

Valentines Day Browser Theme

Find Your Browser Theme Today

Our gallery features thousands of great themes, including just about every subject you can imagine. So if you want to give your New Tab page a facelift while still enjoying everything it has to offer, be sure to get yourself a browser theme!


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