Looking to spice up the look of Internet Explorer? Brand Thunder has just the thing in the form of a huge gallery of IE themes that are sure to have something for everyone. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to change your Internet Explorer theme – take a look at our step by step guide on “How to Change Your Internet Explorer Theme”. Get a new theme in minutes!

Internet Explorer

How to Change Your IE Theme

1) First, choose a theme you like from our expansive gallery <—–

Brand Thunder Internet Explorer Theme Gallery2) Once you have found a theme you like, you will notice the Download button on the right-hand side, next to an image of the theme.

Download IE Browser Theme3) Click on that prompt to download the theme and you will be directed to an instruction screen that looks like this:

IE Browser Theme Install Instructions

4) Click “Run” and follow the next prompts to begin your download!

IE Browser Theme Installer

5) After a quick install and restart of your browser – boom! You’ve got a brand-new Internet Explorer theme!

Blue Jackets Internet explorer Browser Theme

Now that you know how to get a new Internet Explorer theme, here comes the fun part: finding one! Brand Thunder’s gallery includes favorites such as:

Sports IE Themes

Sports fans loving showing off their pride, and baseball fans will be especially glad to know we have the official browser theme for every Major League Baseball team.

MLB Yankees Theme for IE

College IE Themes

It’s never a bad time to support your college or university. Brand Thunder’s expansive gallery of college browser themes are the perfect way to get ready for football season (and any other season, of course), and to follow your favorite teams every step of the way.

Ohio State Browser Theme for IE


Holiday IE Themes

It’s always a good time to celebrate your favorite holidays, and we’ve got the holiday themes to keep your browser looking festive all year long.

Valentines Day Browser Theme for Internet Explorer

Comics IE Themes

Got a favorite daily comic strip? Our comic themes will give you instant access to the strip and GoComics.com, along with the latest news surrounding your favorite characters!

Get Fuzzy Browser Theme

Of course, these aren’t the only types of Internet Explorer themes we have in our gallery. There are hundreds more from Brand Thunder, ranging from musical artists to beautiful depictions of nature and more. We also have thousands of user-submitted themes,  so what are you waiting for? Find your new theme today!


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