Need that little boost to get you to spring? There is no better solution than spring wallpaper, enveloping your desktop in the beautiful sights of a season that still, somehow, seems so far away (unless it’s already spring when you read this, in which case you made it!).

From colorful flowers to cute puppies and sunny skies, spring pretty much rules. No matter what makes you happy about the season, you can bet there is a spring desktop background of it out there.

Download a Spring Theme for Your Browser, Too

Easter Bunny Chrome Theme

With such a brutal winter, you need every type of reminder that spring is on its way. So while you find the perfect spring desktop background, be sure to find a spring browser theme as well (or simply create your own). Brand Thunder has a wide variety of available spring browser themes, including the Easter one you see above. After all, the weather should be beautiful when Easter finally rolls around on April 20 this year…right?

Spring Backgrounds for Your Desktop

Spring Flowers

With the return of spring also comes the return of color. Remember what that was like, a world where everything wasn’t just some shade of white or gray?

Spring Flowers Wallpaper

Green Acres

Green Acres Farm Wallpaper

Beagle Puppy in the Spring

Puppies are cute at all times, but there’s something about a puppy romping around in the spring that elevates it to an entirely new level of adorable.

This spring wallpaper is proof of that:

Beagle Puppy Wallpaper

Easter Time

Easter Desktop Wallpaper

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Desktop Background

Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing Wallpaper

Springtime Bunny

When it comes to cute spring animals, the bunny rabbit ranks right near the top, evidenced by this spring wallpaper:

Springtime Bunny Wallpaper

Splash of Color

Splash of Color Desktop Wallpaper

Beautiful Spring Colors

Spring desktop backgrounds are full of wonderful colors. We wouldn’t blame you if you just stared at your monitor for hours, dreaming of the day when it all comes back. And if you’re already in the midst of spring, go outside and appreciate it!

Beautiful Spring Wallpapers

Spring on the Farm

Spring on the Farm Wallpaper


Remember days of blue skies?

Daisies Desktop Background

Bright Spring Grass

Bright Spring Grass Desktop Wallpaper

Spring Lake

Spring Lake Wallpaper

Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers Spring Background

More Spring Color!

Orange Spring Flowers Wallpapers

After you have found the perfect spring wallpaper, just keep telling yourself that spring is almost here and pretty soon you’ll be running through a field of flowers, basking in the warmth of the day and the mercy bestowed upon you by whomever is controlling the weather.

Spring is on the way…spring is on the way…

Find More Spring Desktop Wallpapers

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