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There are a lot of big developments going on with Google Chrome these days, and we’re here to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, such as:

  • Chrome is a great browser, but you know what really stinks about it at times? The fact that Shockwave Flash is seemingly ALWAYS crashing. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel – here’s how you can fix it from crashing!

  • If you’re a fan of space, then you’ll really love what Google is up to. Part of a new Google Chrome Experiment called “A Spacecraft for All,” you can follow the ISEE-3, which is “the first spacecraft in the world to fly by a comet and has been orbiting the sun for billions of miles since 1986.” Not only will you be able to follow the spacecraft using WebGL graphics and video, but you can learn its story, read its re-activated instruments for gathering data and locate its current position and future path. And this past Sunday, fans of the experiment were treated to a live event that chronicled ISEE-3 flying by the moon for the first time in decades. From data measurements to following ISEE-3’s trajectory in real-time, it was a great moment for space enthusiasts and, hopefully, it created some new fans as well.
  • Chrome has slowly been acquiring more browser market share over time, and it has finally gone over 20 percent, surpassing its rival, Firefox. It is now officially the second-most popular browser behind Internet Explorer, and is the only major browser to see its share increase every month for the last six months.
  • Thanks to a new Chrome app, multiple people can now explore, process and work on data.
  • If you’re a huge Chrome fanatic, you’ll enjoy the reasons why Street Wise Tech believes Chrome is still the best browser out there.
  • The beta 64-bit version of Google Chrome is now available for Windows and Mac OS X, with a stable release expected sometime in the fall. Ideally, a 64-bit browser should enhance the overall performance of Chrome, especially when it comes to loading graphics and content. As the newest microprocessors move towards 64-bit systems, it is vital that other applications follow suit in order to address more memory.
  • And, as always, there are a ton of new things happening with Google Chrome and Brand Thunder lately. As the summer winds down, and college football thankfully re-enters our lives, we have all of the official browser themes for your favorite schools. You can also check out the themes and wallpapers for the schools that we think could find themselves in the new College Football Playoff by the end of the season.

Florida State Browser Theme

Alabama Browser Theme

Michigan State Browser Theme

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