Our choice for browser “Theme of the week” this week comes from theme designer “penelopa” and the “Glowing Tiger Eyes” design. Penelopa uses some abstract design effects to create a brilliantly designed theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The tiger’s eye’s are glowing bright green with a somewhat evil glance staring off of the user’s theme. Penelopa uses interesting design elements including a puzzle piece arrangement which gives the theme a textured feel. The background elements use a wavy, textured and brushed feel which helps bring the design of the Tiger to the forefront. Try this theme on for fun, and you’ll see why we chose this as our “theme of the week” this week.

Glowing Tiger Eyes

Glowing Tiger Eyes browser theme

More Great Themes

Wolves at Winter Cabin

Wolves at Winter Cabin Theme

Echinacea and Dragonflies

Echinacea & Dragonflies theme

Early Morning Bird Flight

Early Morning Flight - browser theme

Rolling Wave

Rolling Waves Browser Theme

Beyond the Sunset

Beyond the Sunset Theme

Rakdos Guild Gate

Rakdos Guild Gate browser theme

Vistaar Finance Theme

Vistaar Finance Browser Theme

Sakura Blossoms & Birds

Sakura Blossoms and Birds Theme

Design Your Own Browser Theme

Join the thousands of other browser theme fans and “Create your own” theme using Brand Thunder’s theme tool http://bt-engage.com. Each week we feature some of the finest designs and pick one as our “theme of the week” which is featured on the blog and all social media accounts for Brand Thunder. Further, your theme will be listed in our gallery for thousands of other theme fans to choose from. It takes less than 5 minutes to create your own theme: Simply sign up for an account, upload your favorite graphics and add widget links to your favorite websites like Facebook and Twitter for easy access right from your browser. In the past several years, theme fans have created thousands of amazing designs from Tigers, to flowers, sports teams, fractal images, holidays and many more. The best part is you get the design you want for your browser as you are the designer!

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