Firefox 32 themesFirefox 32 debuted in early September and, like any Firefox release, it came with a bevy of updates and features for users.

Those updates included:

  • Default public key pinning support for enhanced SSL security and the reduction of phishing attacks
  • Faster HTTP caching for improved performance, including crash recovery
  • Easier back, forward, reload, and bookmarking through the context menu
  • Removing a number of 1,024-bit trust certificates
  • Addressing six security advisories – three of which deemed critical
  • A variety of HTML5 and developer updates

You can read the full list of Firefox 32 notes here. What is your favorite update to the browser?

Celebrate a New and Improved Browser With Firefox 32 Themes

Now that you’ve gotten used to the bells and whistles of the updated Firefox release, now is the perfect time to give your browser a visual makeover as well.

Halloween Firefox 32 Theme

Halloween is once again on the way. As we all know, there is nothing scarier than malware, and it’s great to know that browsers do everything they can to prevent that kind of thing. So let’s just leave the scary stuff to the ghouls, goblins and ghosts of this holiday, okay?

2014 Halloween Browser Theme

Hockey Firefox 32 Themes

As we move further into autumn, we get to celebrate the return of hockey! The NHL season is a grind, and you want to be with your team every step of the way, which is why you need its official Firefox theme.

Blue Jackets Browser Theme

Philadelphia Flyers Firefox Theme

Baseball Firefox 32 Themes

Of course, we can’t forget about the MLB playoffs. If your team is still lucky enough to be fighting for the World Series, you need to support it any way you can, and we’ve got the official MLB baseball themes for Firefox to help. You can also find the official Firefox themes for every MLB team here.

Washington Nationals Firefox Theme

Baltimore Orioles Firefox Theme

Detroit Tigers Firefox Theme

Pittsburgh Pirates Firefox Theme

Christmas Firefox 32 Themes

Even as we get ready for Halloween, you know it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas. The snow, the presents, the hot chocolate – everything about this holiday is just so great. Luckily, we can put you in the Christmas spirit early with our Christmas browser themes.

Christmas Firefox Theme

Learn More About Firefox 32

Looking to get some more information on the newest version of Firefox? Be sure to check out the following resources:

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