Firefox 31 UpdateFirefox 31 was released to the public in July, and it came with some convenient, cosmetic changes along with updates that cater to developers. Providing tools for developers is something that Mozilla has often been praised for in the past and it has helped to make it one of the biggest browsers out there. It’s also something Mozilla recognizes it needs to do even more of, especially as Google Chrome continues to surge ahead in browser popularity.

As far as those user updates are concerned, they include:

  • A search field on the new tab page
  • The ability for Firefox for Windows to handle .ogg and .pdf files in the browser
  • An Android update that allows you to re-order panels on the browser home screen

On the developer side of things, a new Firefox Hub API allows add-on developers to display their own content or tools on the existing Firefox for Android homepage. There is also a new canvas and add-on debugger, with improvements on the eyedropper and Code Editor.

Other developer tools in Firefox 31 include:

  • Editable box model dialogue
  • Support for Sublime Text key bindings
  • Copy as cURL

Firefox 31 Themes

Brand Thunder is in on the Firefox 31 festivities as well, as all of our browsers are compatible with the new release. So if you’re looking for Firefox 31 themes to give your updated browser a fresh look, you’ve come to the right place.

Christmas Firefox Themes

Sure, we all love summer, but it’s about time to come with the grips that it will be ending soon. But guess what? That just means Christmas is getting closer! Check out our Christmas Firefox theme compatible with Firefox 31, or browse our gallery of Christmas themes.

Christmas Firefox 31 Theme

Florida State Seminoles

Can Florida State repeat this season and take home another championship? It’s going to be tough, but this looks like a team built to handle the pressure. Cheer on your team all year with this Firefox 31 theme and, if you’re a huge Seminoles fan, be sure to check out our post on FSU wallpapers and other browser themes here.

Florida State Browser Theme

Team Canada Hockey Theme

The other great thing about colder weather approaching? Hockey will be back! Of course, if you’re a fan of Team Canada, you’re already incredibly well-versed into how great this sport is, and we simply want to point you to the official browser theme of the best national team in the world.

Canada Hockey Firefox Theme

NASA Firefox Theme

NASA Firefox 31 theme

Halloween Firefox Theme

Halloween Firefox

Firefox Theme Gallery – FF 31 Compatible

All right, so you’ve read about the latest updates you’ll find in Firefox 31 and you’ve seen just a couple of themes you can get with the new browser. With that in mind, go check out Brand Thunder’s full gallery of Firefox themes!

Brand Thunder Gallery

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